What is deformed steel bar?

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A deformed steel bar is a common type of steel bar that can be used as a tensioning device in the reinforced masonry structures as well as in the reinforced concrete. The specialty of this steel bar is tightly holding the concrete in a compression. 

The great features of deformed steel bar is higher breaking load, easy to weld, save money in construction, savings in steel, improvement in construction quality, higher bond strength and also advancement in the construction technology. Normally, the deformed steel bar is supplied in the length of 12m or 9m as the common sizes.

Usually, deformed bar is formed from the carbon steel that gives bridges for the best mechanical anchoring reinforced concrete. In order to buy this steel bar, first of all you have to find the best deformed bar supplier and get the quality bars for reasonable prices. However, this kind of steel construction is including so many advantages such as easy metal joins, excellent strength to weight ratio and also the efficient shapes available. 


But the diameter of this bar is different based on the weight varies. The deformed bar supplier always offers the high quality steel bars that have more tensile stresses than that of mild steel plain bars. In addition to, the cold twisted deformed bars are high recommended as a top quality one for construction work.

Deformed Steel Bar