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Bulgaria set up "The Belt and Road" national federation

Bulgaria "The Belt and Road" National Federation 11th April in the capital Sofia set up, which will further strengthen the insurance in the "The Belt and Road" construction cooperation.

Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Zhang Haizhou said at the inauguration ceremony that the "The Belt and Road" initiative was made more and more active for more than three years by the international community. Central and Eastern European countries are one of the priority directions for China to promote "The Belt and Road". This year in May, "The Belt and Road" international cooperation summit will be held in Beijing. Bulgaria "area along the way" the establishment of the National Federation coincides with the time.

Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs Asia-Pacific Secretary Olbetov said that "The Belt and Road" national federation will become a long-term and effective platform for promoting the development of bilateral relations, will promote the government departments and the public more comprehensive understanding and participation "The Belt and Road" initiative to play a strong role.

Professor Zahariev, who was elected President of the National Federation of Bulgaria, said that it was important to set up a "The Belt and Road" federation, which stated that Bulgaria has always regarded relations with China as one of its priorities for its foreign policy.