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China-UK trade logistics to achieve full land transport

April 10, the first China Railway Express by the British to China from the UK's largest container port London port, loaded with 32 containers of goods, heading for the world's leading commodity trading center Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. At this point, China-UK trade logistics to achieve land transport from land. Public opinion that the operation of China Railway Express is "The Belt and Road" construction part of the Sino-British and even between China and Europe to provide great convenience between trade.

"UK's large quantities of goods will also go along the Silk Road to the world"

Local time at 10:40 on the 10th, the first China Railway Express (London - Yiwu) in South Essex County, Dubai World Port Group London port railway terminal departure. The trip will pass through the Channel Tunnel into France, via Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, and finally into China, is expected to arrive on April 27 in Yiwu, more than 12,000 km. The goods in this train include building materials, auto parts, soft drinks and so on.

At the launching ceremony of the train, the Secretary of State for International Trade of the United Kingdom, Greg Hans, said:"In recent years, there has been a wide range of contacts between China and Britain, especially in the field of trade." He believes that this connection to China's freight lines for the United Kingdom, The development of foreign trade into a new impetus, the British goods will be along the Silk Road to the world.

British "Daily Mail" said that this trip from the British departure, means that China Railway Express "officially covering the entire Western European region, and successfully achieved a round trip." "Daily Mail" also specifically mentioned that on January 18 this year, from Yiwu's first China Railway Express to Britain arrived in London, a total of 88 container cargo, mainly daily necessities, clothing, Luggage and other small commodities, the value of about 35 million yuan, and the return of the size of the goods loaded by the train is "quite impressive."

"China Railway Express from London to Yiwu, China, for the UK to strengthen the relationship with the main trading partners to provide a good opportunity." British Broadcasting Corporation in its report such comments.

"Not only the delivery of goods, but also carrying a good friendship"

According to the operator, the opening of China Railway Express London to Yiwu , means that the China-UK trade logistics to achieve land transport, China-UK trade more efficient.

Reported that through the land of rail freight, the flow of goods between China and Britain more convenient, time and cheap, if through the sea, the road spent at least twice the train transport, and air in time although there are advantages, But the price is extremely expensive, and the cabin reserves are limited, it is difficult to meet the needs of a large number of cargo transport.

Chinese Ambassador to the British Embassy Ma Hui stressed that China Railway Express shipped not only the goods of both countries, but also carried the friendship between the two peoples, passing the China-UK , China-EU cooperation and win-win confidence.

According to the figures provided by the Chinese Embassy in the UK, the China-UK trade in goods declined slightly in 2016 due to the slow recovery of the world economy and the sluggish global trade activity. However, the trade volume between China and Britain was still US $ 74.34 billion The China-UK trade structure is highly complementary, in recent years, trade structure is also significantly optimized, such as China's exports to the United Kingdom, clothing, footwear, toys and other traditional labor-intensive products remained stable, computers, communications equipment and other products grew steadily. China is an important market for exports of related products such as British vehicles, aircraft engines and so on.

The British side hopes that with the widening of cargo channels such as China Railway Express, the UK will export more and more to China, and the trade between the two countries will be developed rapidly and benefit both sides.

"Between China and Britain to achieve round-trip, is the support of trade globalization"

British mainstream media put the departure of China Railway Express in the "The Belt and Road" in the subject of coverage. "Daily Mail" this train called "Silk Train". The BBC commented in the report that the freight line was part of the "The Belt and Road" building.

At the opening ceremony of the ceremony, Hans said enthusiastically that China Railway Express, which has been between China and Britain, is a support for trade globalization.

In Ma Hui view, this trip extraordinary significance, "First, for the expansion of China-UK economic and trade cooperation to open up new world, the second is to build a 'The Belt and Road' into the new impetus, the third is to enhance mutual understanding to provide a new platform . "Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Liang Liming said at the opening ceremony that China Railway Express further strengthened the economic and trade exchanges between China and the United Kingdom in particular, provided a platform and opportunity for enhancing friendship and strengthening cooperation for strengthening China and Western Europe Land interconnection, and better service "The Belt and Road" building is of great significance.

London Cass business school economics professor Philip told this reporter that with China Railway Express, China and the United Kingdom and the European continent to achieve the interconnection of land, along the main trade points along the series together, China-UK trade is bound to more Efficient. This also shows that the breadth and width of the "The Belt and Road" initiative are expanding.

British businessmen believe that China Railway Express arrived in London, marking the "The Belt and Road" has extended to the west of Europe, the United Kingdom, the train return, but also proved that the ancient Silk Road is full of vitality, The operation of China Railway Express not only for the parties to bring new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation, but also reflects the "The Belt and Road" this magnificent initiative has a strong appeal.