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Hubei standard to go abroad to speed up the layout

"Swept 'The Belt and Road' green brick tea produced in Hubei, the industry has bloom results, Hubei standards must speed up the pace to go out."7th, in the national technical standards innovation base (China Optical Valley), AQSIQ Development Research Center Director Fu Wen Biao on Hubei green brick tea is full of praise, hope that more Hubei standards go abroad, in the "The Belt and Road" along the country and regional developing.

In recent years, we vigorously promote the standard industry leading role, the province's enterprises or institutions involved in the development of international standards 27, the national standard 1246, industry standard 4804, local standard 1021, filing enterprise standard 19044, has Our province 24 categories, 62 industries to achieve full coverage. At the end of 2016, the province also issued "on the standardization of Hubei Province system construction and development planning (2016 - 2020) notice", clearly in the five areas to carry out ten major standardization projects, by 2020 basically formed with Hubei characteristics, the leading domestic standardization system.

Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau Deputy Director Zhan Yongjie introduction, Hubei green brick tea is with the national "The Belt and Road" strategy to revive the glory, one of its core content is to Hubei green tea technical standards layout "The Belt and Road". In addition, as approved by the China Railway Bridge Bureau of TB10752-2010 high-speed railway bridge construction quality acceptance criteria, has been in the world to lead the high-speed railway base, piers, prestressed components, assembled beams and other components requirements.