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Introduction of PPGI's transport and storage

Storage, transportation and handling are important parts of the quality of PPGI. Due to improper operation, various defects such as scratches, embossing and corrosion may occur during storage, transportation and handling, so as to minimize the occurrence of various defects, here are some notes in the operation. Specific provisions on storage, transportation and handling can refer to the relevant information or advice to experts.


The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, to avoid open storage and storage in places prone to dew condensation and temperature great changes.

PPGI should be stored in a clean and tidy environment, to avoid erosion of a variety of corrosive media.

The ground of the storage site should be flat, free of hard objects and have adequate load-bearing capacity.

Horizontal coil should be placed on the rubber mat, wood, brackets and other equipment installed, the strap lock should be up, not directly on the ground or on the means of transport.

In order to avoid crushing, the coil is usually not stacked storage, stacking the coil should be strictly limited stacking layers, the weight and size of the package on the following.

Mechanical properties of PPGI and some coating properties such as pencil hardness, T-bend, impact energy value may change with the storage time, so it is recommended that the user as soon as possible processing.

Storage space should allow sufficient space for lifting equipment.

Steel plate and coil should be stored in a reasonable place to facilitate access, as much as possible to reduce unnecessary movement.


PPGI should be shipped according to the state of the factory, should not disassemble the original packaging. When loading and unloading the spreader and the product should be added rubber mat to prevent bumps.

Transport vehicles should clean the compartment, the car floor should be covered with rubber pads or other protective devices, around the compartment should also take the necessary protective measures to prevent indentation or bruise packaging.

Vertical packaging coil in the transport and handling should also be kept upright.

PPGI should be firmly fixed to avoid the relative movement or rolling during transport resulting in product damage or accidents.

When removing the coil can not be dragged to prevent cutting and cutting generated when the burrs stimulate the steel plate below. Steel plate should be gently, do not touch other hard objects.