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Trump may delay the introduction of steel trade policy

US President Trump is likely to postpone the introduction of steel trade policy. After 232 investigations started more than three months have not yet come up with conclusions Trump for the first time admitted that the suspension decision.

Trump recently accepted the "Wall Street Journal" interview, said to take the time to develop whether the US imports of steel tax decisions, we do not want to do. He hinted that it might be necessary to wait until the other priority issues on his schedule were resolved before he could come up with a final decision on steel trade policy.

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"The Wall Street Journal" pointed out that the Trump government's steel trade decision has been stagnation because of US trading partners, domestic steel users and some of his own assistant against. But Trump still insists on the promise of a quick move against steel beam dumping and says that the dumping problem is still a topic that will solve the problem in a "very fair situation".