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Do you know what is stainless steel spiral pipe?

Stainless steel spiral pipe, also known as low ribbed pipe, mainly relies on ribbing outside the pipe to expand the heat transfer area, and is generally used in cases where the heat transfer coefficient inside the pipe is more than one times larger than the heat transfer coefficient outside the pipe. For condensation and boiling outside the tube, because of the surface tension effect, also has a good strengthening effect.

 Heat exchanger tube as the core heat exchanger element, improve its heat transfer performance, control the volume and quality, saving materials, for improving the efficiency of heat exchanger, reduce costs is of great importance. High efficiency heat exchanger tube technology has been commonly used threaded tube, compared to the traditional smooth tube, with high heat transfer efficiency, not easy to scale, small size, material savings and other advantages.

Threaded tube long-term work in high temperature, high pressure, corrosive gases and other harsh environments, its high requirements for corrosion resistance and stability, while taking into account the production methods and processing process of the degree of difficulty, usually choose copper, aluminum as 304 stainless steel threaded pipe material. Although the price of aluminum pipe is lower than copper, but there are poor welding processability, poor heat transfer performance, easy to be destroyed by metal expansion head when expanding the tube and other shortcomings, not widely used.

 In recent years, with the copper price all the way up, the price of stainless steel pipe greatly reduced, stainless steel pipe manufacturers continue to progress in the process, stainless steel threaded pipe as a more superior performance, lower cost alternative materials, has a broad application prospects.

Heat exchanger in addition to the wave section tube there are threaded tube, floating coil and other heating tubes, where the main performance characteristics of the threaded tube heat exchanger.

      1、High heat transfer coefficient.

stainless steel spiral pipe is made of high thermal conductivity of copper or stainless steel made of a combination of internal and external threads of high-efficiency heat transfer elements, made by it the threaded tube heat exchanger, in the case of large fluid resistance, it forms a strong turbulent flow, improving the heat release coefficient inside and outside the tube. Tested, the total heat transfer coefficient of steam-water heat transfer reaches 3000-6000W/m2℃, and the total heat transfer coefficient of water-water heat transfer reaches 2500-5500W/m2℃.

     2、Compact structure.

The product has large heat transfer area per unit volume. The total heat transfer coefficient is high, so the floor space is reduced, saving materials and space.

    3、Not easy to scale.

Because of the special concave-convex structure of stainless steel spiral pipe, the tube inside and outside of the multi-flow layer and rotating shape scouring effect, the heat extension and cold contraction of the tube, the tube wall inside and outside will not retain impurities, so it is not easy to scale, long-term operation effect is good.

    4、Not easy to leak.

Product seal perimeter is short, the threaded pipe of the coarse thread similar to the expansion joint, its own compensation capacity, heat exchanger thermal stress is small, not easy to leak.

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