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Stainless steel spiral tube and spiral welded steel pipe?

stainless steel spiral tube

stainless steel spiral tube is a thin-walled tube made of metal strip rolled into a spiral bite, round, no welding, no air leakage, no water leakage, mostly used for air supply and bulk material conveying, is a kind of air duct, full mechanism, straight pipe without manual knocking.


With the development of high-tech industry, facing the major high-tech electronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc. on the process exhaust system fire and acid and alkali resistance requirements, BAY accumulated N years of expertise dedicated to the development of a deeper level of the process exhaust system field, to provide stainless steel duct, Teflon (ETFE) coating. Stainless steel duct ECTFE coating replaces the previously used galvanized, PVC, PP and FRP materials to achieve the standard of fire resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.


1, beautiful appearance, smooth inner wall, low resistance, good air tightness, high pressure strength, can be suitable for very complex exhaust works.

2、Can exclude combustible and non-combustible chemical corrosive gases, without the need for additional sprinkler fire extinguishing equipment.

3、Made of stainless steel, strong material, easy to maintain the integrity.

4、Stainless steel ducts with ECTFE Coating internal coating are highly resistant to chemical acids and alkalis, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature, and can be applied to temperatures between 150℉~300℉ (-66℃~149℃).

5. Easy to install with computer-aided design. It can be used in the environment without fire extinguishing device, which can save the cost of installing fire extinguishing device.

6、The cost is higher than galvanized duct, easy to transport and adapt to site changes.

What are the main uses?

The stainless-steel spiral tube is mainly used to connect the air flow between two places and play the role of ventilation. At present, spiral duct is widely used in the market. The spiral duct market is generally divided into three categories according to the material: galvanized spiral duct, stainless steel spiral tube, composite spiral duct. Among them, stainless steel spiral tube is good in quality and applicability, but high in price. The characteristics of galvanized sheet spiral duct are basically the same as those of stainless-steel spiral tube. Composite spiral ducts are generally used in places where the external environment is more common and the requirements for ducts are not too high.

(1) Air supply, including ventilation.

Such as sending fresh air and exhaust, this range is very wide, such as factory workshops, production site air, due to harmful gases generated need to be discharged outside, but also need to transport the outdoor air to indoor. This time we need to use the flow rate and small pressure air conveying duct, stainless steel spiral tube is suitable, in general, the use of galvanized duct, corrosive and particularly humid places use stainless steel duct.

(2) Send cold air.

Commonly used is the central air conditioning duct, this duct needs to add insulation material. Spiral ducts can be affixed with insulation material inside, and the appearance looks beautiful.

(3) Oil smoke duct

Exhaust fumes, restaurants, hotels have a large number of fumes produced in the kitchen, need to be discharged, the use of round duct is fumes. In this role most of the spiral duct is called oil smoke duct.

 (4) Dust removal:

Some factories have a lot of dust in the production plant, need special dust removal devices, where the air flow is larger ducts, can use spiral duct.

(5) Bulk material conveying:

Some factories in the production of stainless-steel spiral duct process, the need to transport loose particles, especially the specific gravity is not large, such as foam plastic particles and so on, the use of spiral duct low cost, good results.

spiral welded steel pipe

Low carbon carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel strip is rolled into a pipe billet at a certain angle of the spiral line (called forming angle), and then the pipe seam is welded together to make it possible to produce a large diameter steel pipe from a narrow strip. Its specifications are expressed in terms of outer diameter * wall thickness, welded pipe should ensure that the hydraulic test, tensile strength of the weld and cold bending properties to meet the provisions.

The advantages of spiral welded steel pipe.

(1) the use of the same width of the strip can produce different diameters of steel pipe, especially the use of narrow strip production of large diameter steel pipe.

(2) the same pressure conditions, spiral welded stress than straight seam is small, 75% to 90% of the straight seam welded pipe, and thus can withstand greater pressure. Compared with the same outside diameter of the straight seam welded pipe, the wall thickness can be reduced by 10% to 25% under the same pressure.

(3) Accurate size, general diameter tolerance is not more than 0.12%, deflection is less than 1/2000, ellipticity is less than 1%, generally can eliminate the sizing and straightening process.

(4) continuous production, theoretically can produce infinite length steel pipe, cutting head, cutting tail loss is small, can improve metal utilization rate of 6% to 8%.

(5) and longitudinal welded pipe compared to its flexible operation, easy to adjust the replacement species.

(6) Light weight equipment, low initial investment. It can be made into a trailer-type flow unit to produce welded pipes directly at the construction site where the pipeline is laid.

(7) easy to achieve mechanization, automation.

Disadvantages of spiral welded steel pipe

Because of the use of rolled strip as raw material, there is a certain crescent bend, and the welding point is in the elastic strip edge area, so it is not easy to align the welding torch, affecting the quality of welding. For this reason, complex welding seam tracking and quality inspection equipment is required.


spiral welded steel pipe is mainly used in domestic waterworks, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation, urban construction. For liquid conveying: water supply, drainage. For gas transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas. For structural use: piling pipe, bridge; dock, road, building structure pipe, etc.

What is the difference between stainless steel spiral tube and spiral welded steel pipe?

In large and medium-sized engineering buildings, in order to better achieve excellent natural ventilation effect, generally will use some natural ventilation countermeasures, and add some ventilation ducts to reach the role of ventilation and air exchange. In order to better achieve this purpose, we apply the stainless-steel spiral tube to complete, so stainless steel spiral tube has been commonly used.

Although stainless steel spiral tube has many advantages, it is critically exposed to the outdoors and therefore it is exposed to wind, rain and sun. Such elements can leach or corrode the spiral duct, so it is required to have anti-corrosion properties. Its products are hot dip galvanized spiral duct, stainless steel plate spiral duct and composite spiral duct, which have excellent corrosion resistance.