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Galvanized Steel H Beam,Support For Steel Project

  • Ref Price :500-800 USD/TON
  • Supply Capability :5000 TON
  • Port : TianJin
  • Payment Terms : TT or LC


ASTM-A36, ASTM-A572, ST-37, ST-52, S235JR, S355JR, SS400, SS550, etc

Tianjin, China (Mainland)

Sino East

H Beam

Solar Structure

Is Perforated

Galvanized Coated

Colour Painting TITANPOL400

As Customer's Drawing


500-800 USD/TON

100 TON

5000 TON

TT , LC , Others

H beam product specification:

Advantage of Steel H beam:

H profile steel is an economic section,high-efficiency profile with more optimized cross-sectional area distribution and more reasonable weight-to-weight ratio. It is named because its section is the same as the English letter”H”. H beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, low cost and light weight, has been widely used in photovoltaic system.

●The section modulus, moment of inertia and corresponding strength of H-beam are obviously better than ordinary single-strength I-beam.

●Used in metal structures with different requirements, whether it is subjected to bending moment, pressure load and eccentric load, it shows its superior performance, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity compared with ordinary I-beam and save 10%~40% of metal.

●H-shaped steel has wide flanges, thin webs, many specifications and flexible use. It can save 15% to 20% of metal in various truss structures. Because the inner and outer sides of the flange are parallel, the edge ends are at right angles, which are easy to assemble and assemble into various components, thereby saving welding and riveting work by about 25%, which can greatly speed up the construction speed of the project and shorten the construction period.

H beam packing:

-  Certain quantity of steel h beam to each bundle as per customer’s request.

-  Each package is fastened with straps. The strips are strong enough to guarantee that the package of h profile is fixed.

-  Wooden blocks: all solid wood used for packaging (including wooden pallets) of h profile steel and /or stowage is treated (heat treatment or fumigation) in accordance with international standard NIMF15 IPPC).

Project Application:

Solar Panel Mounting System/Solar Racking System/Solar panel support frame

If you want to use pre-punched holes for your H beam, you can use our modern equipment to do it quickly and efficiently. Guarantee the highest quality and on-time delivery of our cold rolled steel sheets, ensuring that you can move forward without delay.