American style hand shank hose clamp

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American style hand shank hose clamp

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 3-4 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 5000 PIECE

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:
    Tianjin , China (Mainland)
  • Product name:
    American style hand shank hose clamp
  • Usage:
    Pipe Clamp, Pipe Clamp
  • Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Structure:
    Wave Clamp
  • Product name:
    american type clamp
  • Application:
  • Size:
    Customized Sizes Acceptable
  • Color:
  • Type:
    Hardware Fittings
  • Product Type:
    American type hose clamp
  • Surface treatment:
    Blacking, polishing, zinc plating
  • Keywords:
    Hose clamp; Hose clip; Hardware
Product Name: American style hand shank hose clamp
Material: SS201/304/316 or Galvanized steel
Size: 6mm to 400mm and customized
Bandwidth: 8mm / 12mm / 12.7mm
Application: Automobile,  Aviation, Pipe Connection

American style hand shank hose clamp

More Size to charge




6--12 8mm SS201/304/316
2 10--16 8mm SS201/304/316
3 13--19 8mm SS201/304/316
4 16--25 8mm SS201/304/316
5 19--29 8mm SS201/304/316
6 14--27 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
7 18--32 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
8 21--38 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
9 21--44 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
10 27--55 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
11 33--57 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
12 40--63 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
13 46--70 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
14 52--76 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
15 59--82 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
16 65--89 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
17 72--95 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
18 78--101 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
19 84--108 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
20 91--114 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
21 105--127 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
22 118--140 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316


130--152 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
24 141--165 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
25 155--178 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
26 175--197 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
27 194--216 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
28 213--235 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
29 232--254 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
30 251--273 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
31 270--292 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316
32 289--311 12mm/12.7mm SS201/304/316



W1: Band material is Galvanized steel; Housing materil is Galvanized steel; Screw material is Galvanized steel;

W2: Band material is SS201 or SS304; Housing materil is Galvanized steel; Screw material is Galvanized steel;

W4: Band material is SS201 or SS304; Housing materil is SS201 or SS304; Screw material is SS201 or SS304.

American style hand shank hose clamp

American style hand shank hose clamp

American style hand shank hose clamp

Tianjin Shunfa Universal Clamp Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002. The manufacture covers an area of 340,000 square meters, with a construction area of 250,000 square meters and 1000 employees.The company has great experience in the clamp production industry. Years of technology and quality assurance have enabled us to have a broad customer base in the globle market.

The company's main products are: stainless steel clamp standard parts and non-standard, stainless steel hose clamps, rubber and other products, and exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Amerias, and many parts of the world.

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