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Supply Capability : 3000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Common Nails-North American Standard
Size  Head   Size  Gauge 
1-1/4" 3D 14 13/64"
1-1/2" 4D 2012/1/2 1/4"
1-3/4" 5D 2012/1/2 1/4"
2" 6D 2011/1/2 17/64"
2-1/4" 7D 2011/1/2 17/64"
2-1/2" 8D 2010/1/4 9/32"
3" 10D 9 5/16"
3-1/4" 12D 9 5/16"
3-1/2" 16D 8 11/32"
4" 20D 6 13/32"
4-1/2" 30D 5 7/16"
5" 40D 4 15/32"
5-1/2" 50D 3 1/2"
6"  60D  2 17/32" 

Our company:

 Our company,Tianjin Jinghai County Hongli Industry and Business Co.,Ltd is a professional manufaturer of Nails and Iron Wire ,was established in 1985 in Tianjin City China, which is biggest seaport in North China,

The area of our company covers 60,000 square meters ,there are 2 factories mainly produce Nails and Wire separately , the monthly volume is 7000 metric tons ,equal to approximate 350 containers .We are able to and accumulate much experience to serve giant company with stable supply and standardized service in the past 30 years.

   We own complete set of modern machines: Fast Wire-drawing Machine,Fast-speed Nails-making machine ,Nails-Polishing equipment, Zinc-plating industry lines(including EG, Mechanical Gal and HDG) ,Auto-self packing machines ,HDG Zinc plating production lines for Wire......We can finish all the processes by ourselves,so we could control all the aspects for a better quality .

To control our quality, we apply for and passed through ISO9001:2008,TUV, we also welcome third part inspection ,for instance SGS ,BV CCIC. Of course we insist on high standard for our item: ANSI BS JIS DIN.....

  There are our main items: Common Nails, Concrete Steel Nails, Roofing Nails, Finishing Nails, Roofing Screw, U nails/Staples, Duplex Head Nails, Panel Pins, Electro Galvanized Wire, Hot dipped Galvanized  ,Black Wire ...

If you have any question ,please feel free to contact with me 

Tianjin Jinghai County Hongli Industry and Business Co.,Ltd
Sanjianfang Village, Daqiuzhuang Town,Jinghai County ,Tianjin 301606 China
Cell:+86-13920665239 (whatsapp & wechat)
Fax:+86-22-68557049 +86-2286436702

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