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Best price metal cut off wheel with best quality

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Quick Details

Best price metal cut off wheel with best quality

Product Detail

Payment terms TT & L/C
Application Steel/Metal/Stainless Steel
Usage cutting disc
Color Black
Material Aluminum Oxide
Shape T41 Flat Grinding Wheel
Size 230X3X22.2MM
Certificate ISO9001 MPA EN12413
Abrasive WA PA SA ZA
Product Keywords aluminum oxide cut off wheel,aluminum cast iron cutting discs,aluminium oxide cutting disk

Quality assurance:
1. 33 years exprienced factory supplied & ISO9001 Certified
2. A complete Quality Control System
3. MPA EN12413 Standard

Our Company has more than 500 employees, has a production capacity of 500,000 pcs per day. As a professional manufacturer for 32 years, we developed our brand “ROBTEC” to meet the professional and industrial markets. Our products are certified by MPA (GERMANY); produce according to EN12413 (European) or ANSI (US) standards; the company has been certified by ISO9001:2015; all products made by us are globally covered by insurance. As a leading and professional abrasive wheel producing, we believe we’ll be your ideal choice!

230x3.2 Metal

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aluminum oxide cut off wheel


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aluminum oxide cut off wheel

J Long Hardware Abeasive Co., Ltd.

is located in Hebei, China. Since our founding in 1984, we are always devoted to provide reliable products and service to our customer to build a great enterprise. After years of efforts, now we have 2 factories for production with 500 employees. Our business is already involved in abrasive cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs, fiber discs and diamond saw blades


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aluminum oxide cut off wheel

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J Long Hardware Abrasive Co,.Ltd. is one of the top ten companies in China in the abrasive and abrasive tool industry.We have 34 years of history.Over time, we have achieved outstanding results in the international market.Our abrasive tools are regarded as the object of pursuit by our competitors in the same industry.Every one of our products has commercial insurance, which is difficult for other companies to do.Choose Robtec brand, it is your wisest choice.

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