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lv1 shield

Tianjin WMD import and export trading co. LTD

lv1 shield

Custom valve insulation jackets supplied by factory directly

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 10-350 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 88888 PIECE

Loading Port : TianJin

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    • Place of Origin:
      Tianjin China (Mainland)
    • Brand Name:
    • Model Number:
      Removable insulation jacket
    • Type:
      Heat Insulation Materials
    • Product Name:
      Removable insualtion jacket
    • Material:
    • Temperture:
    • Advantage:
    • Thermal conductivity:
    • Name:
      Waterproof Thermal Insulation
    • Port:
      Tianjin xingang

    Product Description

    Take advantage of up to 40% Energy Savings--- Thermal insulation jacket for valve



    DRAGONPOWER  valve insulation jacket are the leading brand of purpose designed reusable covers offering excellent insulation benefits for a wide variety of equipment including valves, flanges, calorifiers, strainers, separators, actuators, heat exchangers, elbow bends, etc.


    The removable valve insulation jacket  can be fabricated in many different ways depending on the materials used, the application and the customer requirements. Usually, the valve insulation jacket consists of surface layer, insulation layer, and liner and/or anti-abrasion layer inside. Seams are sewn with high temperature threads, usually with Kevlar TM, PTFE coated glass fiber or stainless steel thread to suit application. 


    This specialist insulation product can offer superb savings of up to 40% on barrel heating and is manufactured with the support of over 40 years of experience, so quality is guaranteed.


    • Savings of between 25-40% on energy bills

    • Personnel protection from heat fatigue and possible skin burns

    • Easy fitting and removal for maintenance

    • Quicker start-up time

    • Extended heater band life

    • Rapid pay-back/savings time

    • Safe to touch

    • Jackets reduce Peaks and total metered heat energy load

    • Made from heat-resistant materials

    • Jackets resist steady temperatures of around 350ºC/662ºF with temporary peaks of approximately 450ºC/842ºF (higher resistant jackets available upon request)

    • Cut-outs for junction boxes and thermocouples

    Removable cover

    Type 1:  HLBIII ≤160℃

    Inner layer: two side-coated silica gel cloth

    Insulation layer: fiberglass needle felt (thickness  15mm/30mm)

    Outer layer: two side-coated silica gel cloth

    Type 2:  HLB IV≤650℃

    Inner layer: aluminum silicate fiber cloth

    Insulation layer: aluminum silicate fiber blanker (thickness 40-100mm)

    Outer layer: two side-coated silica gel cloth

    Type 3: HLB V≤1000℃

    Inner layer: high SiO2 fiber cloth

    Insulation layer: aluminum silicate fiber blanket (thickness 40-100mm)

    Outer layer: teo side-coated silica gel cloth

    Traditional Insulation system                                   Removable insulation system

    Structure: Rockwool+Metal cladding                                                  Structure: one-piece component

    1. Hard to remove, lower work efficience                                           1. Easy to remove, increase work efficience

    2. Cannot secondary usage once removed                                          2. Repeatedly used if removed

    3. Easy to lost heat efficience                                                              3. Prevent heat loss

    4. Lower production cost but waste manpower cost                           4. Higher production cost but save manpower cost

    Step 1: place the cove to right position                     Step 2: wrap the cover to pipe fitting      Step3: fix the cover

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