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Supply Capability : 50

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

Stable Performance

Electrical system components using well-known brands, stable and reliable performance, long service life. Operation function can choose a variety of special operating devices, improve vehicle utilization.

Precise Design

New country three engines, energy saving and environmental protection. Ergonomic operating device, effectively reduce labor intensity. Center of gravity design is reasonable, good stability, through the strong and overload capacity.

High Quality

Smooth and reliable operation, high efficiency. Integral welding frame, durable. Novel look and feel, spacious driving space, good view.

Performance Characteristics

1, smooth and reliable operation, high efficiency.
2, the overall welding frame, durable.
3, the new country Ⅲ engine, energy saving and environmental protection.
4, ergonomic operation of the device, effectively reduce the labor intensity.
5, the center of gravity design is reasonable, good stability, through the sexual and overload capacity.
6, the new appearance of modeling, spacious driving space, a good vision.

Characteristic 1.1 Manufacturer Henan Weihua Special Vehicle Co., Ltd
1.2 Model
1.3 Power Type
1.4 Rated Load kg 3500
2.1 Load center distance mm 500
2.2 Lifting Height mm 3000
2.3 Free lifting height mm 100
2.4 Mast angle (front/rear)
2.5 Total length (excluding fork) mm 2727
2.6 Total width mm 1230
2.7 Mast height mm 2125
2.8 Driving height mm 2135
2.9 Fork (long * wide * high) mm 1070*125*45
2.10 Front suspension mm 477
2.11 Rear suspension mm 580
2.12 Front track mm 1000
2.13 Rear track mm 970
2.14 Wheelbase mm 1700
2.15 Minimum turning radius mm 2430
Performance 3.1 Minimum ground clearance (at the rack) mm 152
3.2 Maximum travel speed (full load / no load) km/h 19/20
3.3 Maximum lifting speed (full load / no load) mm/s 400/415
3.4 Largest traction kn 14/9.8
3.5 Maximum grade % 20
3.6 Whole machine weight kg 4650
4.1 Front wheel specification
4.2 Rear wheel specification



5.1 engine model
Whole firewood 4C2-50V32
5.2 Engine rated power / speed kw/r.p.m 36.8/2500
5.3 Maximum torque Nw/r.p.m 157/1800
5.4 Full load minimum fuel consumption rate g/kw.h 245
5.5 Cylinder total displacement L 2.67

Stalls (front / rear)

5.7 Fuel tank capacity L 60
5.8 Hydraulic tank capacity L 60

Weihua Group, a leading crane manufacturing company in China, was Founded in 1988. We has been committed to heavy machinery researching and marketing.

The main product covers shipbuilding gantry crane, lifting machinery, port container crane, heavy mining machinery and construction machinery, etc. The whole coverage of Weihua Group is 3,420,000 m2 with 6,800 employees.

Weihua adheres to scientific and technological innovation and owns a 600-people R&D team, 494 patents, CNAS laboratory, etc. For the cranes, Weihua have made many breakthroughs which include anti-sway crane system, CNC high precision positioning crane system, self-climbing crane for wind power maintenance and so on.

In recent years, Weihua cranes have been employed to serve China's Aerospace Engineering projects such as launching of Shenzhou spacecraft, Long March carrier rockets and Tiangong space laboratory. You can also find Weihua products in the fields of manufacturing, metallurgy, nuclear power, railway,port, petrochemical and wind power.

Weihua products also find its places in the global markets and won much praise from108 countries like America, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. 

Our success comes from customers' success. Welcome to Weihua.

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