High quality polyurethane insulation board PIR insulation board

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High quality polyurethane insulation board PIR insulation board

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 80-150 USD/CUBIC METERS

Supply Capability : 88888 CUBIC METERS

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:
    Tianjin China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
    Pir insulation board Panel
  • Material:
  • Product Name:
    Pir insulation board
  • Type:
    PIR Sandwich Panels
  • Material:
  • Density:
  • Thickness:
  • Usage:
    Heat Insulation
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Port:
    Tianjin xingang

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PIR insulation board performance index

density kg/m 32-120
compressive strength kg/cm2 2.0-2.7
Obturator rate % >93
Water absorption % ≤3
Thermal conductivity w/m.k ≤0.025
dimensional stability % ≤1.5
Use of temperature ℃ -196℃+120℃
oxygen index % ≥26

Polyurethane insulation panels, walls and equipment insulation permanent corrosion resistant, the lightest and most convenient building ideal insulation materials. This product is highly functional polyether polyol, multiple methyl polyphenylene polyisocyanate as the main raw material, catalyst, foaming agent, surface active agent, chemical reaction foaming. The ability of polyurethane products is light, high strength, insulation, sound insulation, fire protection, cold, corrosion, non absorbability, rapid and simple construction and other excellent features. It has become an insulating, waterproof, sealing and other necessary material in the fields of construction, transportation, petroleum, chemical, electric, refrigeration and other industrial fields.


1. PIR insulation board has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the density of hard polyurethane is 35 ~ 40kg/m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018~0.024w/ (m.k), which is about half of EPS, which is the lowest thermal conductivity of all thermal insulation materials at present.
2, PIR insulation board has moisture-proof and waterproof performance. Polyurethane insulation board has a closed porosity of more than 90%, which belongs to hydrophobic materials.
3, PIR insulation board fire, flame retardant, high temperature resistance. After adding the flame retardant, it is a kind of refractory self extinguishing material. The softening point can reach more than 250 degrees centigrade. The polyurethane will form carbon on the surface of its foam when it burns. This layer helps to isolate the foam below. It can effectively prevent flame spreading and do not produce harmful gas at high temperature.
4. The polyurethane plate has excellent heat insulation performance. Under the same heat preservation requirement, it can reduce the thickness of the enclosure structure outside the building, thus increasing the indoor area.
5. It has strong anti deformation ability and is not easy to crack. The veneer is stable and safe.
6. The pore structure of polyurethane material is stable, basically closed-cell structure. It not only has good heat preservation performance, but also has good freeze-thaw resistance and sound absorption.


Polyurethane insulation sheet can be widely used in color steel sandwich panel, central air conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, refrigeration room, thermal insulation box, chemical tank and other fields.


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