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Morocco Style fancy pink self adhesive floor tiles DIY for Home Makeover

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Qulck Details

Morocco Style fancy pink self adhesive floor tiles DIY for Home Makeover 

Product Description

Item name: Peel and Stick floor tiles

Material: Water proof vinyl

MOQ: 200pcs each design


Top1 quality floor peel and stick tiles.

1. Life time 5- 10years and Non toxic.

2. Water proof 

3. Heat resistant 

4. Moisture-Proof.

5. Mould-Proof.

6. Peel and stick easily, easily to install and maintain, every one can DIY at home.

7. Never Edge warping.

8. No degumming.


Morocco Style fancy pink self adhesive floor tiles DIY for Home Makeover

Morocco Style fancy pink self adhesive floor tiles DIY for Home MakeoverMorocco Style fancy pink self adhesive floor tiles DIY for Home Makeover

Packaging & Shipping

150pcs / carton  12.5-13kg / carton  29*27.5*25cm  / carton

Shipping by: DHL / UPS / Fedex / By air / By Sea


Packing list:   150pcs/carton   12.5-13kgs/carton   29*27.5*25cm

Packing way:  Poly bag+opp bag  6pcs / pack 8pcs / pack  10pcs /pack depend on your choose

Tile sticker size: 10*10 inch /10*10.5 inch / customized size


1-Thoroughly clean surface to remove dirt and grease.Allow enough time for the surface to dry completely.

2-Use a pencil or chalk to measure and mark a guideline to the portion where the first tile will be applied to.

3-Using a (pair of Scissors)and/or (Utility Knife guided by a Straight edge),cut the tile to desired shape/size.please ensure to cut the overlapping tabs and grout line prior to installing if desired)

4-Peel off back of the tile,then install.Press firmly (including the edges) to prevent lifting.

5-Remove the front plastic film.

6-Starting second tile,overlap the grout line of the edges during installation.

7-Repeat process for the remaining area.

8-Allow 24 hours to cure.


Thank you for your purchase of our Peel and stick waterproof floor tiles!

It is a convenient and cost-effective Do-it-yourself alternative to cleanable.


Here are several benefits of our Poly-Vinyl with waterproof tiles:

1 -You can easily create a stylish new floor for your kitchen,Bathroom,Office,Display Rooms,Workplace,and More..

2 -These Poly-Vinyl with waterproof Tiles add exquisite style to their environment,while offering economic,and time-saving convenience.

3 -They can be bent and cut to desired shapes and designs for easy application.

4 -Surfaces will not crack.

5 -The soft surface offers Non Toxic, waterproof, Anti scratch, Cleanable and non-slip characteristics to prevent your floor from damage.

6 -Easy to clean with a damp cloth,or mild detergent.

7 -Self-Adhesive Backing wont lift,peel off,or change color.

8 -High quality and Eco-Friendly,which are made to LAST!

Product detail

Surfaces Suitable for Application:

1. Paint surface
2. Ceramic surface
3. Glossy surface
4. Glossy surface
5. Metal surface
6. Plastic surface
7. Wooden surface


Surfaces NOT Suitable for Application:

-Rugged surface

-Unflat surface

-Oiled surface

-Unclean surface

-Moldy surface

-Cracked surface

-Freshly Painted surface



- For gas range without a back control panel or metal plate, please reserve 20 inches of free space between the stove to the tiles to avoid direct exposer to open flames

- For Small Appliance (S) (Toasters,Counter Ovens..etc.), please allow 3-5 inches of free space between the tiles and appliance (s).

-Do Not touch adhesive with bear hands.

-Do Not use abrasive cleaning products to clean tile surfaces.

why choose us

1: Quality: we are first chinese manufacture to make this product, we have patent of it. Our material is imported from Germany

2: Capacity per month: 300,000pcs

3: Certification: we have ROHS, Disney ILS certification, Patent certification.

4: experience: we have more than 10 years experience in doing exporting business.

5: warranty: 5-10 years warranty.



Zibo Honor Ceramic Company is one of the most professional tiles suppliers in China. We ensure stable quality based on advances equipment and strong QC team in factory. "Customer first" and "Honesty is best policy" is our principle.

With high quality products, professional export service and honesty business attitude. We enjoy good reputation to over 50 global markets.

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