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SE80 crawler excavator made in china

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SE80 crawler excavator made in china

SE80 8ton new excavator price

Original imported engine with Tier 2 emissions, conducive for energy saving and environmental protection. the engine features a radial seal air cleaner and air pre-cleaner, effectively extending the engine’s service life. Equipped with a standard fuel pump.

Original imported hydraulic components have stable and reliable quality and high working efficiency. Strengthened working devices feature up to 360° swing in small spaces with a radius of up to 3.7 m. This excavator has strong adaptability in mining environments. New cab design greatly increases field of vision.


Technical Features

 SE80 8ton new excavator priceSE80 8ton new excavator price

Performance Paramete




Minimum ground clearance: 362 mm

Overall length: 6331 mm

Operating weight: 7.8 t

Overall height: 2504 mm

Ground pressure: 33.71 kPa

Overall width: 2300 mm



Cummins B3.3


4-cylinder in line, natural intake, water-cooled.

Quantity of cylinders


Bore x stroke

95 x 115 mm


3.3 L

Power output

45 kW/2200 rpm

Maximum torque

214 N·m/1600 rpm





Variable double-piston pump

Maximum discharge flow

2 x 74.8 L/min

Boom, arm and bucket

27.5 MPa

Travel circuit

27.5 MPa

Swing circuit

23.5 MPa


Travel motor

Variable axial piston

Travel brakes

Lubricated double-disc

Parking brake

Pressure release

Travel shoes

2 x 40

Drawbar pulling force

67.7 kN

Travel speed

3.14~5.26 km/h


70% (35°)

Ground clearance

361.5 mm







New ergonomic cab design strengthens the structure of the entire stamping with such features as:strong impact resistance, vibration damping pads, vibration absorption, comfortable seat with broad vision,smooth contour lines of the outer surface, sturdiness & durability.


Two joysticks, two foot pedals, manual-/electronic-controlled throttle.Functions of two joysticks: digging & swinging.

Boom cylinder

115 x 65 x 864 mm

Arm cylinder

100 x 60 x 867 mm

Bucket cylinder

90 x 55 x 710 mm


Swing motor type

Swash plate piston motor


Pressure release

Parking brake

Lubricated double-disc

Swing speed

11.2 rpm

Tail swing radius

1750 mm


Bucket capacity

Backhoe bucket 0.32 m3 (SAE)

Number of bucket teeth


Bucket width

820 mm

Arm length

1.65 m

Maximum digging reach/Maximum digging reach at ground level

6.447 m/6.292 m

Maximum digging depth/height

4.006 m/6.581 m

Maximum dumping height

4.535 m

Minimum swing radius

2.383 m


SE80 8ton new excavator price

Trading information

SE80 8ton new excavator price

Our Services

SE80 8ton new excavator price

 Warranty: We grants our clients a 12 month or 2000 hours warranty for any machines purchased from us. During the warranty period, in case the defect of material or workmanship has occurred with spare parts in normal operation, the defective parts will be repaired or replaced free of charges at our discretion.

   Spare parts: We is dedicated to provide our clients with genuine spare parts with the highest quality, exact fitness and appropriate function. With our global distributor network, you are guaranteed with fast deliveries and service, wherever you are. Please submit your spare parts requires to us and list products name, model equipment serial number, description of required parts. We guarantee that your requires will be handled quickly and appropriately.

   Installation & Maintenance: We is able to provide you with the overall installation of complicated machinery and equipment, allowing you to start the normal operation of generators set and engine immediately. After installation, we will make inspection of the whole machine, operate equipment and provide you with testing date reports of installation and operation.

Company Information

SE80 8ton new excavator priceSE80 8ton new excavator price

SE80 8ton new excavator price

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