All series standard British type big diameter 150mm stainless steel hose clamp with low price

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All series standard British type big diameter 150mm stainless steel hose clamp with low price

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 0.01-10 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 5000000 PIECE

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:
  • Brand Name:
  • Usage:
    Pipe Clamp
  • Material:
    Metal, stainless steel
  • Standard or Nonstandard:
  • Product Name:
    British type big diameter 150mm stainless steel hose clamp
  • Application:
    FTTH installation or pipe clamp
  • Type:
    British type
  • size:
  • wedth:
  • Keyword:
    home depot hose clamps
  • Package:
    carton or according to customers request

Product description

The FTTH Installation Accessories Set concludes:junction box,fiber wall socket(also named Single family unit rosette,SFU rosette),draw hooks,cable clamp,cable wall bushings,cable glands,cable clips,tail duct,cable wiring duct,nail clip.

A screw clamp is a type of fastener that uses a screw as the main method of holding the clamp together. There are many different styles of screw clamp, each with its own purpose. The only thing they all have in common is the screw used to hold them.

A band hose clamp can be used to attach a hose to a nib, pipe, or fitting. Stainless steel band clamps are used to attach accessories, tubes, or hoses to a structure or to hold things in place. For such duties, it is often recommended that stainless steel hose fittings be used. Not only can they handle various substances blasting through the hose at high speed, but they usually can also prevent the connected hoses from breaking apart.

A hose clamp is shaped like the letter O. This clamp uses a screw on one side to open and close the loop. A widened hose clamp may be slid over a hose and then tightened using the screw to connect two hoses, produce tension or create a location for an attachment such as an external device or hook



Product parameter

Size Inch mm wedth(mm)
4 7/32"-5/8" 6-16 6
6 7/16"-3/4" 11-20 6
8 1/2"-7/8" 13-23 6
9 1/2"-1" 13-25 6
10 1/2"-11/16" 14-27 6
12 1/2"-11/4" 18-32 6
16 13/16"-2" 21-38 8
20 13/16"-13/4" 21-44 8
24 11/16"-11/16" 27-51 8
28 15/16"-21/4" 35-57 8
32 19/16"-21/2" 40-63 10
36 113/16"-23/4" 46-70 10
40 21/16"-3" 52-76 10
44 2516"-31/4" 59-82 10
48 29/16"-31/2" 65-89 10
52 213/16"-33/4" 72-95 10
56 31/16"-4" 78-101 10
60 35/16"-41/4" 84-108 10
64 39/16"-41/2" 91-114 10
72 41/8"-5" 105-127 10
80 45/8"-51/2" 118-140 12
88 51/8"-6" 130-152 12
96 55/8"-61/2" 143-165 12
104 61/8"-7" 155-178 12

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