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aluminium wire rod with ISO certificate

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 3200-50000 USD/TON

Supply Capability : 200000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Alloy Or Not:
    Is Alloy
  • Al (Min):
  • Ultimate Strength:
    MPa): 150-400MPa
  • Elongation (≥ %):
  • Conductivity:
  • Model Number:
    Aluminum Wire Rod
  • Application:
    Cable, Overhead transmission line
  • Rated voltage:
    600/1000 Volts
  • Cable Type:
    Low voltage cable
  • Conductor Material:
    1350 H14 Aluminum

Factory Information

9.5mm aluminium wire rod with ISO certificate 

Raw material Factory

Low Cost

We buy the aluminum ingots from the Longding Aluminum Industrial Factory, it's opposite to our factory.

It save many cost for us because of our convenient location.

Self supply aluminum wire

We have our own workshop to processing aluminum ingots into aluminum wire 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm or any othe size.

Drawing processing

THe drawing Machine draws the aluminum wires to many sizes to fullfill the different requirements of our customers.


There is 8 producing line in this workshop, and these are our frame-type strander. Four layers of cable is possible in our factory!

Welcome for inquiry for big area cable!

Extruding machine

There are  PVC/XLPE/PE/XLPO insulation are offered to our customers for choice.

Here, we will do everything to satisfy each requiement from customer.

You also can print your company name on your customized cable!


It will be package according to its outside diameter and weight by drum or wooden reel. 
1.We use the fumigated &treated timber wooden box to package cables, or steel-wooden drum.
2. Wooden package optional: 0.5m-2.2m.
3. Wooden plate sealed.
4. Suitable meters according to your size.
5. 72 pcs of 0.7m wooden reel can be put in one 20FCL.
     28 pcs of 1.1m wooden reel can be put in one 20FCL.
     6 pcs of 1.8m wooden reel can be put in one 20FCL.


The electric aluminum rod produced by Tianjin Jinhe Double Metal Wire Co., Ltd. is mainly used for the production of enamelled aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum wire. It is the first enterprise in China to produce aluminum rods for enameled aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum wire. . Through hundreds of experiments and technological innovations over the past five years, the company has explored a set of aluminum rod production processes suitable for enameled aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum wire products and accumulated a large number of production practice experience. The product quality is stable and reliable. The lacquered aluminum wire and copper clad aluminum wire manufacturers praise. The company has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with Tongling Jingxun, Galanz Electric, Weiqi Electric, Wuxi Meida, Datongfa, Zhangjiagang Shengtian and other large enterprises that produce enameled wire and copper-clad aluminum.

While occupying the domestic market, our company has been involved in overseas markets since 2006. After nearly two years of development and development, our products have been exported to more than ten countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. The annual export volume is 30,000 tons, and it has established good cooperative relations with GE, HDM, Germany SIEMENS, Korea HIHO, SAMJIN and other companies. The export product implementation standards refer to ASTM B233 and EN AW 1350/1370.

"Jinhe" brand electrician aluminum rod has been widely used in domestic electromagnetic wire, enamelled aluminum wire, copper clad aluminum wire, wire and cable, metallurgy, electrical refrigeration and food industries such as GB/T3954-2001. The company currently has a total of 6 aluminum rod production lines, annual consumption of 210,000 tons of aluminum ingots, annual output of aluminum rods of 200,000 tons, is the country's largest electrical aluminum rod processing base. The company's quality assurance system is sound, has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, products have passed SGS testing, in line with EU RoHS directives, our company has advanced production equipment, reasonable technology, leading technology, stable and reliable product quality, praised by customers for many years. . Our company has always been based on product quality and the basis of development; to meet customer needs for business purposes; to pursue the maximization of customer benefits as the primary goal, and strive to create "Jinhe" brand.

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