China high quality fireproof Insulation rubber foam pipes

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China high quality fireproof Insulation rubber foam pipes

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1-10 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Port:
  • Production Capacity:
    400 Container
  • Payment Terms:
    L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal
  • Application:
    Air Conditioner
  • Type:
    Insulation Sheet
  • Chemistry:
    Organic Insulation
  • Material:
  • Thermal Rating:
    B 130
  • Classification:
    Organic Insulating Material

Product description

Black Rubber foam Insulation Pipe for Air Conditioning;China Manufacturer Color Foam Air Conditioning Pipe Insulation / Rubber Foam Insulation Tubes. We supply many sizes of rubber insulation tube, insulation hose, insulation pip,OEM brand good quality and competitve price; we also could produce different colour of insulation tubes.

Flexible thermal insulation tube:
Polyurethane foam pipe insulation are engineered and manufactured for HVAC and other industrial applications, with the closed cell structure the kingflex insulation effectively retard heat flow and prevent condensation.
The environmental friendly materials are manufactured without the use of CFCS,HFCS, HCFCS.
They are also formaldehyde free, low VOCS, fiber free, dust free and resistant to mold and mildew.


1. Low and stable Thermal conductivity
2. High moisture&water vapor diffusion resistance
3. Fire safety
4. Easy installation
5. Environmental friendly

Key performance measures:

formaldehyde free, low VOCS, fiber free, dust free and resistant to mold and mildew.

Property Unit Value Test Method
Temperature range  (°C)  -50~110 -
Density range  (kg/m³) (40~120) ASTM D1622 or D1667
Thermal conductivity   (0°C)  (W/mK)  0.031 ASTM C177 or C518
 (40°C)  (W/mK)  0.036
Water vapor permeability  (kg/m·s·pa) 1.2 X 104 ASTM E96 Procedure A        DIN 52615
Flame spread and smoke developed index - 25/50 ASTM E84, CAN/ULC S 102
Class 1 & Class 0 BS 476 part 7
V0 UL94
Water absorption, by volume % 0.2 ASTM C209
Mold growth - meet requirement UL181
Bacterial resistance meet requirement ASTM G22
Fungi resistance meet requirement ASTM G21/C1338
Resistance to agent chemical - stable performance to agent chemical -
Ozone resistance - good ASTM D1149
Aging resistance - 150 hours, slight wrinkles, no cracks, holes or distortion -

Temperature range: -183~+105°c
Water vapor transmission: 1.16*10
Thermal conductivity values: 0.036w/mk
Fire performance with BS 476 Class0 and class 1


Widely used in cold/hot medium piping and containers in central control air condition, construction, chemical industry,medicine, light industry, textile process, metallury, boat, vehicle,electrical apparatus and other fields.

Owing to its excellent general properities the product has found wide application in construction,light and textile,pharmaceutical,chemical,metallurgy and shipbuilding industry etc.the product is largely

Used on the water and refrigerant tubing of air conditioning system fro cool presercvation and heat preservation,which has obtiained ideal result of application.

fireproof pipe insulation


WanMaiDe estabished in 2001, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Rubber Foam, Foam Glass,Extrude  Polystyrene/XPS, Phenolic foam board insulation in China. After more than 20 years' development, we totally have 10 producing lines for glass wool insulation,5 producing lines for rock wool insulation and more than 30 producing lines for rubber foam insulation.

We had mad OEM production for WANMAIDE which are popular due to the high quality and competitive price all over the world. 

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