Egg Shape Acoustic Insulation Rubber Foam Products

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Egg Shape Acoustic Insulation Rubber Foam Products

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1-10 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Acoustic Panel Type:
    Acoustic Foam Panels, Acoustic Foam Panels
  • Shape/Struciure:
    Open cell structure/Flat or honeycomb
  • Density:
  • Main Application:
    A/C,bus,train,theatre,meeting room
  • Color:
    black, grey
  • Tensile Strength:
    241 kPa (35.0 psi)
  • Material:
    polyurethane foam
  • temperature :
    -40 to 100degrees C
  • advantages:
    anti-freezing, anti-moisture, noise-resistant
  • Usage:
    Soundproof, Acoustic, Packing
  • Type:
    Acoustic Panels

Product Description:

Adopts polyurethane sponge material,after automatic flow line production, then foaming by comlicated process. Through back and forth reflection in the sponge, the acoustic wave can absorb the sound as low as 500HZ or above. It can reduce the distraction and echo of indoor reflected sound and inprove the sound purity.
Key words:   Auditorium Acoustic Panel,  White Acoustic Foam,  Sound Insulation Foam

Material PU Polyurethane
Density 20-35kg/m3
Size 500×500×35/45mm
Color White,Black, Grey or custorm made
Product performance

Wave Pointed cone pyramid fireproof, with glue

Shock, Sound-absorbing lnsulation


Between mechanical test Conference room KTV

Sound insulation room Between broadcas

Packing Woven bag packaging or paper carton
Structure open cell
Shape egg shape or pyramid


1. Noise Reduction and Sound Insulation

Auditorium acoustic panel is open cell structure, the structure can ensure good noise absorption.
2.Flame retardent

Auditorium acoustic pane has excellent fireproof performance. According to international GB/T17794-1999, our rubber sponge insulation board complies to Grade "B2" difficult-flammable material after testing.

3. Self adhesive sound insulation foam

We use the solvent based glue as the adhesive agent, It can work for a long time in high temperature environment. The releasing paper is strong enough to make sure that you can take it off easily. After factory-applied self adhesive, the material will be more convient for installation, which will save more labor cost and greatly improve working efficiency.

 Auditorium acoustic pane can be used in the factory building silencer, building silencer insulation engineering, product packaging and gasket, generator sets, silencers, air conditioning, acoustic test room, music studio, speakers, audition room, studio, drawing room, KTV rooms,star hotels and other industries and places.

5 Packaging & Shipping

In order to ensure our Soundproof Wall Acoustic Panel come to customer warehouse in good condition, we specially choose high quality exporting package like PE bag or paper carton.


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