Fireproof rock wool CE rockwool insulation blanket wire mesh

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Fireproof rock wool CE rockwool insulation blanket wire mesh

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1-10 USD/SQUARE METERS

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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    rock wool insulation wire mesh
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    Other Heat Insulation Materials
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Product description

Rock wool products are made from natural mineral wool such as basalt and dolomite. The natural rock are melted into melts in cupola at a very high temperature about 1500℃. According to different application can be classified into board, pipe and blanket.


1. Excellent heat prevention, low thermal conductivity

2. Non-combustible material Grade A1, good chemical stability

3. Good sound absorption, no corrosion, water repellency

4. Energy saving, no harm to human and environment protection

5. Pipeline inner diameter above 24 inch, rock wool blanket with wire mesh should be prevailing , with higher service temperature , tensile strength

6. Building usage rock wool blanket is soundproof, fireproof, waterproof, etc. performance and long lifetime with higher melting point, longer fire aging.

7. Marine & offshore insulation required the lightweight performance, Huali developed the relative type and acoustic rock wool blanket , meanwhile paste the aluminum foil on the outer surface to prevent the moisture barrier.

8. Industrial equipment insulation should choose the rock wool blanket with wire mesh, with her tensile strength , acoustic performance and smaller high-temperature line shrinkage

Industrial pipeline rock wool blanket



Recommend density



Wire mesh

galv / stainless steel

Thermal conductibility



Grade of combustibility

Non-combustible Grade A

Thermal shrinkage temperature


Linear shrinkage



Thermal shrinkage temperature


Fire resistance limit






The feature of rock wool blanket

1.Rockwool by a special process of bonding, the formation has mouth-type composite panels, good integrity, high rigidity and has the impact resistance, shear technical properties.

2. The open fiber structure of rock wool blanket ensures its sound absorption and acoustic performance, with CE sound proof certificate.

3. Rock wool is a non-combustible inorganic material and the fire does not release toxic fuel gas so that maintain the stability of building structure and prevent flame spread, with A0, A15, A60 certificates approved by ABS, DNV, CCS.

4. Rockwool is environment protection and does not harm human health, with ISO 19001 & ISO18001 & ISO 14001 certificates.

5. Rockwool blanket is faced with wire mesh to strengthen its tensile strength and aluminum foil can prevent the moisture barrier from contacting with materials directly.

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