Flexible Thermal Insulation Rockwool Blanket with Wire Mesh Fireproof Heat Insulation Roll

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Flexible Thermal Insulation Rockwool Blanket with Wire Mesh Fireproof Heat Insulation Roll

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Ref Price : 1-10 USD/SQUARE METERS

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Qulck Details

  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
    Rock wool blanket
  • Type:
    Rock wool blanket
  • Material:
  • Application:
  • Thickness:
  • Density:
  • Width:
  • Length:
  • Certificate:

Product Description:

High quality rock wool with natural rocks as the main raw material, by weight, the ratio of cupola melting is higher than 1450 ℃, from the four rollers centrifuge high-speed optical fiber, the method is placed evenly spray adhesive cotton, and then curing, cutting into different specifications and usages of the product.


High quality rock wool has four characteristics: strong resistance to high temperature, good hydrophobic property, high corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity, can be in the petroleum chemical industry, power plants and other industrial boiler, stove, distillation tower, valve, pipe and other equipment to provide the highest level of protection, resist heat and energy loss, avoid fire, noise and other harmful effects.


Buildings and Industries high-temperature rock wool products include:

- high quality rock wool board for Buildings and Industries use

- high quality rock wool blanket

- high quality rock wool pipe

Type Standard Requirement Deviation
Length 1200mm +10/-3mm
Width 600mm +5/-3mm
Thickness 25mm-150mm ±2.5mm
Density 50kg/m3-120kg/m3 ±10kg/m3





40-200kg/m3 (GB/T 5480.3)


30-150mm (GB/T 5480.3)


1200X600mm (GB/T 5480.3)

Thermal Conductivity* Tested under mean temperature, comply with GB/T 10294, GB/T 10296, ASTM C177
70 ℃


100 ℃


150 ℃


200 ℃


250 ℃


300 ℃


350 ℃


400 ℃


Maximum Service Temperature 750 ℃ (GB/T 17430, GB50264)
Recommended Service Temperature 650 ℃ (ASTM C411-05, ASTM C447-03, GB50264)
Surface Burning Characteristic(FSI) 0 (ASTM E84-10)
Surface Burning Characteristic(SD) ≤25 (ASTM E84-10)
Fire Performance

Class A1(GB 8624,EN13501-1,BS 476 Part4)

Water Vapour Sorption by Weight ≤1% (ASTM C1104/1104M )
Water Vapour Sorption by Volume ≤1% (ASTM C1104/1104M )
Chloride Content

≤10ppm (GB/T 17393, ASTM C871-08)

Water Repellence

99.5% (GB/T 10299)

Fibre Diameter

≤6μm (GB/T 5480)

Standard GB 11835 <<Stone wool, slag wool and it’s products for thermal insulation>> GB 50264 <<Code for design of industrial equipment and pipeline insulation engineering >> ASTM C612 <<Standard Speci cation for Mineral Fiber Block and Board Thermal Insulation>> type IA to IVB JIS A9504 <<Man made mineral bre thermal insulation materials>> SH3010 <<Design code of equipment and piping insulation for petrochemical enterprises>> DL/T 5072 <<Code for designing insulation and painting of fossil fuel power plant>>


  1. Support insulation market with technical services, deliver background information and technology applications of insulation, and provide safe, reliable and comfortable solutions to clients;

  2. Carry out research and development of new products and systems, pursue innovation, and pioneer in the advancement and revolution when provide mature products to all related fields and industries;

  3. Build expertise in both internal and external insulation, keep the leading position in the technology, and create values for the industry and clients.


WanMaiDe estabished in 2001, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Rubber Foam, Foam Glass,Extrude  Polystyrene/XPS, Phenolic foam board insulation in China. After more than 20 years' development, we totally have 10 producing lines for glass wool insulation,5 producing lines for rock wool insulation and more than 30 producing lines for rubber foam insulation.

We had mad OEM production for WANMAIDE which are popular due to the high quality and competitive price all over the world. 

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