Four Pieces Bedding Sets with 3D Plants Flowers

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Four Pieces Bedding Sets with 3D Plants Flowers

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 10-20 USD/TON

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Product Name:
    Four Sets of Plants Flowers Foreign Trade
  • Function:
    refreshing and warm
  • material types:
    polyester, polyester fiber
  • content:
    100% polyester
  • Bed Craft:
  • Patterns:
    Plants and Flowers
  • Style:
    Bed Sheet Style
  • Product Grade:
    Qualified Products
  • Style:
    Fashionable Chinese Style
  • Fabric count:
  • Fabric density:
  • Printing Process:
    Active Printing
  • Weaving process:
    plain weave
  • Suitable bed size:
    1.8 m (6 ft) bed, 2.0 m (6.6 ft)

Product Detail


Number of Minghuang Jewelry 


Multiple Sets

Product Name

Four Sets of Plants Flowers Foreign Trade


refreshing and warm material


 polyester, polyester fiber

fiber content

100% polyester

Bed Craft



Plants and Flowers


Bed Sheet Style

Product Grade

Qualified Products


Fashionable Chinese Style

Fabric count


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        Jize County Caifang Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile production enterprise with self-owned import and export rights, which belongs to Jize County Ziyu Cotton Industry Group. 

     The company is located in Jize County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Handan City. It covers 130 Mu and covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters.

 It has advanced spinning, weaving and sewing production lines and more than 150 sets of weaving and sewing equipment. The company has a modern standardized management team and a high-quality, highly skilled production team. There are 210 employees, including more than 50 senior technicians and R&D technicians. Our products cover a  series of foreign trade bed products such as kit, quilt core, single-piece combination, pillow and cloth. After rapid development in recent years, our textile import and export business has developed rapidly. Our products are exported to Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Tanzania and other countries.

 The company has domestic advanced computer quilting, quilt making, electric sewing, weaving and other production lines, to achieve the "ten thousand pieces per day, clothing and quilt world" production capacity. The products cover more than 300 styles in 86 series, such as bedding sets, quilt cores, single-piece combination, children's bedding, pillows, bed hats, etc. Among them, foreign trade 3D large flower bed sets (five sets, six sets) are favored by European customers with excellent quality. They are exported to Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine for more than 60,000 sets per month. In 2017, the export earned 58 million yuan and created more than 100 new jobs, which contributed to the development of cotton textile industry in Jize County

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