High quality chinese style flowers printed duvet cover set bedding set product

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High quality chinese style flowers printed duvet cover set bedding set product

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1-100 USD/SET

Supply Capability : 300000 SET

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Pattern Type:
  • Fabric Count:
  • Age Group:
  • Material:
    100% Cotton
  • Style:
    Chinese Style
  • Quantity:
    4 pcs
  • Place of Origin:
    Hebei, China
  • Brand Name:
  • Color:
  • Fabric density:
  • Suitable bed size:
    1.5 m (5 ft) bed, 1.8 m (6 ft) bed, 2.0 m (6.6 ft)

Product Description


Different size of different areas for your refrence to win market.

Colors customized from real sample .

Hot designs recommended to you or follow your design.

Mixed sizes color and designs in one order.


Natural Environmental Protection:1.High Air Permeability  2.Good Hygroscopicity  3. Soft Touch Feel 4.No Irritation to the Skin

Multilevel:1.High Color Fastness  2.Don't Fade For a Long Time  3.Strong Three-dimensional , Giving a Lifelike Feel

Precision Sewing Technology:1.Invisible Zipper Design  2.Safe, Reliable And High Durability  3. Right Angle Design, Vertical Sense of Strong

Dust Revention: 1. High Yarn  2. 100% Cotton  3 . High Density Twill Weave  4. Close to the Molecules

Product Display

About Our Company

Jize County Caifang Textile Co. Ltd is established at 2015,our main business is making custom printed fabric,scarves,cushion covers,ties(neckties and bowties) and so on.One of our advantages is ink permeability,that means there is good ink coverage(which is good if you want to see the print on both sides of the fabric).We make products as your own designs,if you don't have designs,we can also provide you designs to choose.Our important aims is provide our customers good quality and good services.

Packing & Shipping

Packing for home textile bedding sets

1.High quality container.

2.Paint the marks on it.

3.All steps are designed for safe protection and long distance transportation.

4.We will order shipment insurace for all order, the insurance is free.

Shipment for home textile bedding sets

1.By air,it takes 3-7days for delivery.The goods can be shipped by DHL,Fedex,UPS.

2.By sea,the delivery time is based on your port.


        Jize County Caifang Textile Co., Ltd. is a textile production enterprise with self-owned import and export rights, which belongs to Jize County Ziyu Cotton Industry Group. 

     The company is located in Jize County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Handan City. It covers 130 Mu and covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters.

 It has advanced spinning, weaving and sewing production lines and more than 150 sets of weaving and sewing equipment. The company has a modern standardized management team and a high-quality, highly skilled production team. There are 210 employees, including more than 50 senior technicians and R&D technicians. Our products cover a  series of foreign trade bed products such as kit, quilt core, single-piece combination, pillow and cloth. After rapid development in recent years, our textile import and export business has developed rapidly. Our products are exported to Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Tanzania and other countries.

 The company has domestic advanced computer quilting, quilt making, electric sewing, weaving and other production lines, to achieve the "ten thousand pieces per day, clothing and quilt world" production capacity. The products cover more than 300 styles in 86 series, such as bedding sets, quilt cores, single-piece combination, children's bedding, pillows, bed hats, etc. Among them, foreign trade 3D large flower bed sets (five sets, six sets) are favored by European customers with excellent quality. They are exported to Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine for more than 60,000 sets per month. In 2017, the export earned 58 million yuan and created more than 100 new jobs, which contributed to the development of cotton textile industry in Jize County

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