High quality PF Impact Crusher for mining building material chemical coal

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High quality PF Impact Crusher for mining building material chemical coal

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Supply Capability : 10000 SET

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  • Condition:
  • Type:
    Impact Crusher
  • Application:
  • Motor Type:
    AC Motor
  • Capacity:
  • Product Name:
    PF Impact Crusher
  • Feeding Size:
  • Dimension(L*W*H):
  • Weight:
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  • Spare Parts Supply:
    Life-long period available
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    Life-long period available
  • Warranty Period:
    One year Excluding Wearing Parts


The series of product is suitable for processing the materials which have particle size of less than 100-800mm, therefore, which will be applied to crushing the medium and hard materials, as a result, it can withstand 250MPa pressure with small discharging granularity, favorable particle size and cubic particles. The rotor parts are manufactured elaborately; therefore, the rotor has favorable static and dynamic equilibrium, stable machine operation and small noise.

1. It has the unique design and good crushing effect.
2. It applies the excellent rotor structure design.
3. The counterattack rack can be adjusted conveniently and flexibly.
4. It applies the most durable materials for its spare parts.
5. It applies the favorable retractable structure design for the rack.
6. It has the high-quality welding technology.

The breaking of stone is usually determined by several factors:
      1) Type of broken material
      2) hardness, silicon content and water content of the crushed material
      3) The average particle size of the broken material before entering the crushing system
      4) finished product size, as well as the proportion of each size range, the use of the finished product
      5)  production capacity
      Stones such as basalt, diabase, granite, and river pebble are high in hardness and high in silicon content, which are difficult to crush in actual crushing operations or have high crushing costs. Popularly speaking, basalt and diabase are hard and tough materials. Granite is a hard and brittle material. The hardness of the river pebble is relatively low, but the silicon content is the highest. Therefore, the crushing process of these materials should be designed reasonably. When considering the investment cost of the crushing project, the production cost of the production line must be considered.
      In the actual crushing operation, some customers' raw materials are limestone, and the loss of the e-plate is very low. It is a common phenomenon that the service life of a pair of jaws reaches one year. This is because limestone is not only very low in hardness (grades 4 to 5), but also has a low silicon content in the stone and is very abrasive to the wear parts of the crusher.
      The raw material is the crushing operation of basalt and granite, and the wear of the wear parts such as the slab, the plate hammer and the counterattack plate is very high. The production cost of the customer is much greater than the production cost of limestone. Therefore, we design the crushing process of the crushing process as much as possible to reduce the wear of the wear parts. A typical laminating equipment configuration is a two-stage rupture or rupture plus cone-breaking process configuration. If the customer has higher requirements for the final stone size, we can configure a counter-attack to break the stone, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. The three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to higher investment costs for the project, but for the long-running stone plant, the production cost of the three-stage crushing reduction is considerable.
      For the above-mentioned hard-to-break materials, a two-stage crushing process of smashing and counter-attacking can also be used. However, this inevitably leads to problems such as high loss of the hammer of the counterattack, short life of the hammer, and high proportion of the return material. These are issues that are worthy of attention of the manufacturer and the customer.
      The following are three typical process plans of our factory:
      Solution 1: Feeder Jaw crusher Impact crusher Vibrating screen Conveying system Control system
      Scheme 2: Feeder Jaw Crusher Fine Jaw Crusher Impact Crusher (optional) Vibrating Screen Conveying System Control System
      Scheme 3: Feeder Jaw Crusher Cone Crusher Impact Crusher (optional) Vibrating Screen Conveying System Control System

      In the above scheme, the main difference is whether the second crushing is a counter-crushing crusher mainly for striking crushing, or a fine crushing jaw crusher and a cone crusher mainly based on laminating crushing.
      In many stone yards where the grain size of the stone is not high, the user is willing to use a jaw crusher, a fine crusher jaw crusher/cone break to form a production line. Because both the smashing and the cone breaking are the lamination principle, the wear of the wear parts is relatively small, and the production cost is relatively low. However, due to the lamination principle, the crushed stone material type is not so good, the content of the needle-shaped stone material is relatively high, and the internal crack of the stone material is relatively serious, which is unwilling to accept the high-grade building, so the market price is relatively high. Counterattack stone is cheap.
      The biggest feature of the impact crusher is the ability to produce high-quality stone materials with the dual properties of crushing and shaping; the good stone material can give the building better performance and has a higher price in the market. Of course, the cost of wearing the damaged consumables is also higher than that of the same output. Needle-shaped stone and natural smooth stone in nature are difficult to achieve the mechanical properties of multi-edge cubic stone. Therefore, the counter-attack is mainly used for stone crushing sites for construction, providing high-quality granular stone for roads, railways, airports, docks and high-rise buildings.
      If the market has certain requirements on the grain size of the finished stone, and the user wants to reduce the cost per ton of the wearing parts, it can be considered as rough and broken/cone broken as coarse and broken, and the impact crusher is placed in the third. In the broken position of the road, it mainly plays an integral role. This not only reduces the wear and tear cost of the counterattack, but also obtains a good grain shape.

The impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses impact energy to break up materials. When the machine is working, the rotor rotates at a high speed under the driving of the motor. When the material enters the action area of the hammer, it collides with the hammer on the rotor, and then is thrown to the counter-attack device to break again, and then rebounds from the counter-attack. Returning to the hammer action area, the process is repeated, and the material is broken into the counter-attack chamber from large to small, until the material is crushed to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port.

 The stone material falls directly from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating turntable; under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, the other part is divided into the flying stone around the turntable by the umbrella type to produce high-speed collision and high-density crushing. After the stone hits each other, the stone will A vortex motion is formed between the turntable and the casing to cause multiple blows and smashes.

The hammer and rotor of the impact crusher are rigidly connected and have a large crushing chamber to allow material to have a certain amount of space. The machine uses a high-speed rotating rotor to impact the material. Under the action of the plate hammer, the material is not only broken, but also obtains large speed and kinetic energy, impacting the impact plates on the frame in the crushing chamber, or in the block. The impact occurs between each other to achieve material comminution. The impact crusher is superior to the cage crusher and the hammer crusher in many aspects such as production capacity, power consumption, maintenance and repair. The impact crusher is not only simple in structure, power consumption is saved, the crushing ratio is large, and the product granularity is uniform. The aspect has unique advantages.

1., it can effectively deal with materials with large moisture content to prevent clogging of the crusher

When the moisture content of the treated material is too large, the feed chute and the counterplate of the impact crusher may be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from sticking. The impact crusher does not need to be equipped with a bottom sieve plate to prevent clogging. The hammer crusher cannot be heated to prevent the material from sticking, and the bottom sieve plate must be provided to increase the possibility of blockage.

2, the counter crusher is suitable for both soft materials and materials with very high hardness.

The hammer of the impact crusher is fixed to the rotor by a mechanical clamping structure, and has a large moment of inertia when it rotates with the rotor. Compared with the hammer crusher (the hammer head is in a suspended state), the rotor of the impact crusher has greater momentum, and is suitable for crushing harder materials, and at the same time, the energy consumption is lower.

3, it can be convenient and flexible to adjust the granularity of discharge, and the adjustment range is wide.

The impact crusher can adjust the discharge particle size in a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the backlash and the clearance of the grinding chamber. The gap adjustment can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically, and the hydraulic adjustment system can be used to easily adjust the gap through the local operation button or the travel control system. The hammer crusher can adjust the discharge particle size only by replacing the bottom sieve plate.

4, the wearing parts of the wearing parts are smaller than the hammer crusher and the metal utilization rate is high.

The wear of the counter-rock breaker is only present on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will fall to the surface of the hammer (the striking surface), and the back and sides of the hammer will not be worn. Even the wear on the side of the material is scarce. And the bottom grinding rod is also easy to replace. The metal utilization rate of the impact crusher plate hammer can be as high as 45% to 48%.





Feeding port

dimension (mm)

The maximum

feeding (mm)


capacity (t/h)





PF1007 1000x700 400x730 300 30-50 55 9.5
PF1010 1000x1050 400x1080 350 50-80 55 12.8
PF1210 1280xl050 400x1080 350 70-120 110 14.1
PF1214 1280x1400 400x1430 350 95-145 132 15.3
PF1315 1320x1500 800x1530 300 100-180 185/220 21
PF1320 1320x2000 800x2030 400 280-320 280 29.7
PF1420 1400x2000 1250x2030 600 250-350 355 40
PF1620 1600x2000 1600x2080 600-800 350-400 560 47.5


1. The processing capacity of crusher as specified in the table is based on the transient sampling measurement result. 

2. It is conducted for the materials which have 1.6t/m3 bulk density; 

3. The data as specified in the table are related to the process system of the supporting equipment on the site, however, which are only used for reference when users make model selection. 

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