Hot Sale China Stereo Lifting Rotating Platform Flap Lock Automated Vertical Smart Parking System

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Hot Sale China Stereo Lifting Rotating Platform Flap Lock Automated Vertical Smart Parking System

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1000-10000 USD/SET

Supply Capability : 300 SET

Loading Port : TianJin

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Qulck Details

  • Type:
    Parking Lift
  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Model Number:
  • Warranty:
    1 Year
  • Loading Capacity:
  • Product name:
    Flap Lock Automated Tower Car Lift Vertical Smart Parking System
  • Power supply:
    380V 50HZ 3Phase or design
  • Noise:
    No more than 60 db
  • Application:
    Shopping Mall
  • Suitable vehicles:
    SUV and Sedan
  • Control mothods:
    Mobile APP or remote control
  • Color:
    Orange, yellow, red or design
  • Max time to take car:
    No more than 70 seconds
  • Drive mode:
    Motor + Gearbox
  • Service Time:
    Reach to 40 years

Product Description

This non-avoidance stereo parking equipment is mainly composed of intelligent lifting&transferring machine, charging carrier board, track, main frame, control system and safety protection devices, etc.

Each unit occupies 2 parking spaces and supply for 4 cars to park. It only takes no more than 70 seconds to park or fetch your car.

There is no site restrictions for installing this equipment. It can be widely used in large hotels, shopping mall, supermarkets, office building, government agencies and residential area, and can be installed in the original ground and underground parking spaces.

PJS Non-avoidance Stereo Parking Equipment Technical Parameters (2 layers)
Car quantity 4
Max time for take out the car no more than 70 seconds
Ocupy space L*W*H=5500mm*5850mm*3800
Control Method PLC Control (Schneider)
Operation Interface

Automatic indentification + remote control


APP+ Put button

Power supply 3 Phase 380V 50 HZ OR Design
Service Time More than 30 years, and more than 40 years after enhancing corrosion protection


1, Beautiful exterior 

Design with the idea of Simple and Beauty, this parking system could be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

2, Easy to install 

With modular design components, it’s easy to install in the original ground. And one by one, it can form a large parking system.

3, Intelligent and convenient 

A simple app or remote controller to reduce time for parking or fetching cars. Positive drive in and out greatly reduce the difficulty for drivers.

4, Reliable safety performance 

International famous brand PLC and electrical components, and anti-drop device, power-off self-locking protection, sound and light alarm, power overload, pedestrian entry protection, and automatic positioning, etc.

5, Low cost 

Doubling land utilization, reduce investment of users.

6, Environmental protection 

Running smoothly and low noise, no more than 60db. Low energy consumption, each operation consumes only 0.07 KWH.

7, Design for new energy electric cars 

Each unit could equip a charging device for electric cars to charge while parking. ,

8, Intelligent management platform 

Mobile App+Big Data+Cloud Platform to achieve remote monitoring, parking space navigation, parking reservation, non-inductive payment, and data statistical analysis. 



Our Service:

1, What's information should I provide to get the price?

More parameters, such as lifting capacity, lifting height, span, power supply, etc. And if you can give us your design drawing, that will be very helpful.

2, Which kind crane can you provide?

Weihua is a famous leading manufacturer with experienced designers, engineers and a 600- people R&D team to provide all kinds crane with customized parameters.

3, What services can you provide?

We have a complete pre-sales&after-sales service system, and our engineers are available overseas. And we also provide training for your crane operators.

4, Which brand are the accessories and electronic components in your cranes?

We have a long term cooperations with ABB, Siemens, Schneider, SEW, etc. And we have world-leading processing machines which are imported from Japan and German.

5, Do you provide crane spare parts?

Yes, of course, we can provide motors, reducers, brakes, hooks, remote controllers, wheels, crane rails, end carriages, enclosed busbar and so on.

Weihua Group, a leading crane manufacturing company in China, was Founded in 1988. We has been committed to heavy machinery researching and marketing.

The main product covers shipbuilding gantry crane, lifting machinery, port container crane, heavy mining machinery and construction machinery, etc. The whole coverage of Weihua Group is 3,420,000 m2 with 6,800 employees.

Weihua adheres to scientific and technological innovation and owns a 600-people R&D team, 494 patents, CNAS laboratory, etc. For the cranes, Weihua have made many breakthroughs which include anti-sway crane system, CNC high precision positioning crane system, self-climbing crane for wind power maintenance and so on.

In recent years, Weihua cranes have been employed to serve China's Aerospace Engineering projects such as launching of Shenzhou spacecraft, Long March carrier rockets and Tiangong space laboratory. You can also find Weihua products in the fields of manufacturing, metallurgy, nuclear power, railway,port, petrochemical and wind power.

Weihua products also find its places in the global markets and won much praise from108 countries like America, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. 

Our success comes from customers' success. Welcome to Weihua.

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