Professional Environmental Laminated Phenolic Plate For Sale

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Professional Environmental Laminated Phenolic Plate For Sale

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 1-10 USD/TON

Supply Capability : 10000 TON

Loading Port : TianJin

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Qulck Details

  • Place of Origin:
    China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name:
  • Type:
  • Material:
    phenolic aldehyde, phenolic aldehyde
  • Application:
    High Temperature
  • Product Name:
    Insulation Board
  • Size:
  • Color:
    Yellow Red

Product Description:

Model  Size
Yellow Compound  Board 1.2*3m*20mm customized 
Red  Compound  Board 1.2*3m*18mm customized 
Double aluminum phenolic board 1.2*3m*20mm customized 
Single colour steel phenolic board 1.2*3m*20mm customized 


Technical Data:

Property Unit Specification
Standard Size mm 3950*1200*20
Foam Density kg/m³ 45 or 60
Aluminum Foil Thickness micron 80
Aluminum Sheet Thickness micron 200
Thermal Conductivity w/m.k 0.02
Fire Rating
Cpmpressive Strength Mpa 0.25
Bending Strength Mpa 2
Water Absorption % 0.25
Dimension Change % 0.3
Maximum Wind Velocity m/s 13-20
Maximum Running Temperature 120


1. Heat and sound insulation. Temperature suitable

2. Light weight, water-proof, fireproof, good chemical resistance and seismic resistance, anti-corrosion etc.

3. Energy conservation, environment protection, economical, good structure, easy to installation.

     Sandwich panel looks like sandwich. Two external surfaces are made of powder-coated steel sheets.

     And insulation materials usually use EPS, XPS, PU, Rock wool, Paper honeycomb, Aluminum honeycomb etc.



WanMaiDe estabished in 2001, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Rubber Foam, Foam Glass,Extrude  Polystyrene/XPS, Phenolic foam board insulation in China. After more than 20 years' development, we totally have 10 producing lines for glass wool insulation,5 producing lines for rock wool insulation and more than 30 producing lines for rubber foam insulation.

We had mad OEM production for WANMAIDE which are popular due to the high quality and competitive price all over the world. 

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