Where is the more reliable point of the double-ring clamp

Where is the more reliable point of the double-ring clamp?


The double-ring clamp comprises: a base, a fixing hole, an inner bending, an annular clamping portion, a bending closing and a guiding structure; the two ends of the base of the product are respectively connected with an annular clamping portion by an inner bending; the annular clamping portion of the product The end of the annular clamping portion is provided with a guiding structure at the end of the bent closing end of the non-connecting base; the base of the product is provided with a fixing hole.

The design of the clamp bend is semi-closed to achieve the purpose of supporting the cable; there are two fixed structures, which can fix two cables and pipelines and keep it at a fixed distance; the two fixed structures are symmetrical to each other to ensure that both sides are protected The force is even, preventing the long-term vibration from loosening and falling off; the structure adopted at the bending point plays a better vibration-damping effect, ensuring that the clamp can withstand the large vibration of the aircraft without causing a series motion, and the inner clamping cable is annularly clamped. The upper part is a semi-closed cuff, which improves the safety of the clamp and the reliability of the fastening and fixed support.