Precautions for rock wool board!

1. Pay attention to rain prevention and not work on rainy days.

2. For the cold preservation, it is necessary to add a moisture-proof layer. Under the condition of extremely low temperature, the resin should be insulated with rock wool without resin, and the moisture-proof layer must also be fireproof.

3. When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, for example: 200 °C, the insulation must be added with appropriate external protection, so that the thickness and bulk density of the rock wool board will not be changed.

4. For the large-diameter and flat-wall equipment used for rock wool finished products insulation, when surpassing 200 °C, be sure to remember the rock wool board manufacturer's: add insulation nails, (around 400mm spacing) external protection should be close.

5. Equipment, insulation nails and pipes to be insulated are suitable for corrosion protection and can receive appropriate coatings. In addition, there should be no leaks. This can achieve better results.

6. If the rock wool board finished product is subject to mechanical wear in the case of outdoor heat insulation, it should be metal or plastic foreskin. Then pay attention to the joints, seal the joints, add glue seal when needed, and the stack of the wrap layer is not less than 100mm.

7. When the heat preservation object is placed at 90 degrees and has a certain height, the insulation layer of the rock wool board must have a positioning pin or a support ring, and the spacing must not be more than 3 meters to prevent the heat preservation material from sliding downward when there is vibration. .

8. In order to achieve the goal of heat loss, the joints of rock wool board and felt must be tightly connected. If there are multiple layers of insulation, the cross joints need to be interwoven to avoid the formation of a thermal bridge. .

According to preliminary calculations, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the newly added construction area per year is 2 billion square meters. According to the conservative demand, the annual demand for rock wool is 2.38 million tons, which can create an output value of 11.9 billion yuan.

It is not difficult to foresee that in the face of huge market space, various capital investment rock wool production lines will become a market choice.

In order to avoid repeated construction of the production line, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology promptly presided over the drafting of the access conditions for the rock wool industry for external thermal insulation. The access conditions determine a number of indicators such as production line construction conditions, layout, scale and process equipment, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection, safety and health, and social responsibility. Among them, the scale indicator is initially set at an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.

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