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Sino-Sources takes the pride in bringing the high-quality steel products to the market. We are a leading manufacturer that specializes in steel manufacturing Deformed Steel Bar and our products are one of the best in the market.  

With more than 17 years of industry experience, we have been producing steel products. Our deformed reinforcing bar or deformed steel bar is the best in the industry. It is used in various residential and commercial structures and in infrastructural applications. Our deformed steel bar complies with all the relevant industry standards. 

Also known as rebar, deformed bar complies with the industry specialised steel reinforcing materials and is available in 10 mm - 40 mm bar diameters. You can talk to our engineers before choosing the bar suited for your application. 

Our motto is to serve our customers first with quality and better price. Keeping in mind your structural needs, we make our products that are known for quality and excellence. The specifications of our Deformed Steel Bar are 12mm* 12m, 14mm*12m, 16mm * and 12m. 

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