What is Steel Coil

  Steel Coil is really common products. According to its definition,steel sheet in coil are exactly flat products made into rolls by rolling-drawing, meanwhile with a rectangular cross-section, however the difference is about drawn between hot rolled or cold rolled sheet. Its width indeed is larger than its thickness. The suppliers of steel coil, registered on SinoSources.com, may offer reasonable prices as they are the manufacturers.

Types of Steel Coil

  Normally steel sheet in coil form may separately divides into two types such as Hot rolled steel coil and Cold rolled steel coil.

Steel sheet in coil form with Hot Rolled

  Hot rolled Steel coil, normally is manufactured from semi-finished products such as billet and slab. Meanwhile are reduced to specific thickness by rolling then annealing. Finally, it is entwined into the roll oversea buyers need.

Steel sheet in coil form with Cold rolled

  Cold rolled Steel coil, generally is Manufacturing from hot-rolled sheet with removing rust by dipping into weak acid solution (called pickling or acid dipping), washing, brushing, drying, oil coating and so on. Ultimately, cold rolling through passing the steel sheet into a reducing mill then entwining (winding) into the roll. About its features, these should be smoother surface, dimensional accuracy and more strength because of more highly finished and processed product.

Steel sheet in coil also may be divided into some of types in terms of materials choice from which it is made.

  Steel coil made from alloy steel

  Steel coil made from carbon steel

      Steel sheet in coil form with protective coatings such as galvanized, tinned, PVC or PE

A distinction is also shown among the below types,

  Black iron coil, normally hot rolled without non-descaled finished for second grade application.

  Galvanized steel coil, steel coil with the zinc coating.

  Electric steel coil, thin steel coil alloyed with silicon and special magnetic properties.

  Tinplate coil, steel sheet or coil coated with tin.

  Stainless steel coil, high-grade sheet or coil made from alloy or non-alloy steel along with the features of non-rusting or resistant to chemicals and heat.

  Corrugated steel sheet, normally this kinds of sheets produced by rolling, then galvanized finish will increase its value.

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