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Steel flat bar is a cost-effective and remarkably versatile form of steel which is suited to a huge range of applications. Although it displays the superb combination of strength, versatility and formability of steel, the reduced carbon content of steel makes it easier to work and therefore great for fabrication and construction purposes.

Steel flat bar is commonly used for general engineering and fabrication in many industries including: Grating industries, Component manufacturing, Electrical industries, Machinery industries.

In addition to its malleability, steel flat bar is also highly recyclable and can be reworked once used. Our steel flat bar is a superb choice of material for constructing frames, trailers and many more high strength structures in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Our steel flat bar is delivered cut to size to suit your requirements. Simply enter the dimensions you require into our free price calculator to receive a free on-screen quote for your order.

Galvanized flat bar

Galvanized flat bar, is a kind of A36 hot rolled, low carbon steel, in the zinc rich galvanized process in hot dip.Galvanized sheet is a low-cost stainless steel alternative that provides 30 years of rust free protection while maintaining the same strength with a durable hard surface coating. Metal warehouse in precut length, full grinding length or the number of welding or construction items we can hot-dip almost any size and quantity.

Galvanized sheets can be cut, processed, or welded using common methods of ordinary steel, but should be adequately ventilated when heated to avoid inhaling smoke.Our saws of precut length are not galvanized and should be treated with cold galvanized composite material after completion of the project to maintain protection. Any drilling or welding areas should also be treated.


Types of flat bar

l aluminum flat bar

l stainless steel flat bar

l copper flat bar

l spring steel flat bar

l titanium flat bar

l galvanized flat bar

l carbon flat bar

l nickel silver flat bar


Flat steel is rolled with negative deviation, but delivered by actual weight, the utilization rate is increased by 1-5 percentage points compared with steel plate.

Flat steel can according to user requirements, thick, fixed width, fixed-length production, reduces the cutting for the user, and save the working procedure, reduces the consumption of labor, materials, and also reduce the loss of raw materials processing, to save time, manpower and materials. Products have been used in steel structure manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automotive industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industrial materials.


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