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Why choose rough terrain forklift

Rough terrain forklift used in some of the most extreme terrain and climate conditions. It can be found everywhere in port loading and unloading terminals, waste yards and recycling factories. In various industrial applications, there is a consistency among various rough terrain forklifts: versatility.

Rough terrain forklifts have been widely used due to their mobility. Rough terrain forklifts also have a versatile function - this function is driven by a variety of accessories and continues to expand its utility across industries and applications.

Rugged terrain forklifts provide high mobility and security, as well as access to the restricted area.This productivity is largely the result of their heavy design and components. The rough terrain forklifts sell on sinosources are a reliable, versatile and easy-to-use solution and designed for high mobility and superb productivity in rough terrain areas.


Advantage of rough terrain forklift

l Flexible hydraulic steering system

l Security to meet off-road conditions

l High ground clearance, can cross the obstacles on the site

l Full hydraulic steering system, greatly reducing operator fatigue

l The off-road design lengthens and widens the wheelbase and widens the front and rear track and the stability of the vehicle

l Comfort humanized design uses multifunction steering, side-mounted joystick, so easy to operate, safe, flexible

l Run faster than ordinary forklift, their mobility is obvious with high engine power and terrain performance

l Good maneuverability, reliable ability

l An innovative transmission system provides fast directional changes, great performance and superb traction




Rough terrain forklift can be used in more places, such as airport, docks, station and other poor road conditions for material distributions mountains, plateaus pavement, snow operations, construction sites, mines, orchards pastures, rough roads and mining enterprises. 


Why choose Manufacturers and Suppliers on sinosources

l Sinosources has been selecting manufacturers,exporters and suppliers who have been designing and developing for good forklift

l Our wholesale Prices are reasonable and will go well your budget, while allowing you to place an order from anywhere conveniently.

l We provide you with more information about the products you need, such as what is a rough terrain forklift, rough terrain forklift specifications, rough terrain forklift regulations, the manufacturers introduction, to make sure you can get all the information you want on the website.


SinoSources Service Charter

Our rough terrain forklift Manufacturers and Suppliers are directed by a service charter that allows for a great customer experience. These include:


l On-time delivery, same day dispatching.

l Money back assurance incase of wrong delivery.

l Product tracking system to avoid wrong delivery or delays. 


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