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If your interior has no personality, introduce some simple tiles.Tired of going home and finding your bathroom, kitchen, hallway or living room obsolete? A good way to inject personality into an indoor space is to create an attractive rural farmhouse scheme.Our selection of simple tiles allows you to do this with a durable, wear-resistant and durable material. Choose weathered wood effects, attractive stone effects, and convincing brick effects. When you're planning your home improvement project, you need to strike a balance between practicality and decoration.Fortunately, with tiles and tiles, you can have both. Even so, not all ceramics and ceramic tiles are the same - glazed and non-glazed options have their differences, providing different advantages for different Spaces.The main differences between these two glazed tiles lie in thickness, skid resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance, style selection and finishing technology.


Performance between different tile

1. Unglazed ceramic and porcelain tile

Glazed tiles aremore thicker and denser than glazed tiles, because of their different appearance and technology. If you want a non-skid surface like a laundry or kitchen tile, it may be exposed to a lot of water, so for safety, that's a big consideration. For areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, as well as outdoor, glazed tile is a good choice.

These tiles are stained by mineral deposits formed from the original clay, they provide a pristine aesthetic. One limitation of unglazed ceramics and porcelain is that they are easy to stain. As a preventive measure, you’d better use sealant and wax.

2. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tile

Although glazed ceramic tile is more density and thickness than theporcelain tile, that’s not mean glazed ceramic is a little inferior, but their style and color are more diversiform Glazed ceramic is not to be dyeing because they are protected by a layer of impermeable liquid glass. There is also the problem of gloss: matte and satin paints are usually harder than glossy ones.As usual, when choosing glaze ceramic tile, had better seek balance between practicality and ornamental.

Whether you choose glazed tile or non-glazed tile, these two kinds of bricks have their unique quality.According to the characteristics of different ceramic tiles and your preferences can make your home decoration more distinctive and durable


Porcelain Tile Characteristics

Porcelain tile burns in high temperature, form a kind of dense and firm material, do not absorb water. Porcelain tile quality is smooth, the surface is smooth. A small defects caused by high temperature make it less formal than standard tiles.

Porcelain tiles come in such kinds of sizes, colors and shapes. Small 1x1 inch tiles are usually used for showers and bathroom floors. 6in. *24in. Glazed porcelain floor and wall tile used for the bedroom. And different colors used in different room, like you can choose white porcelain rustic tile in bathroom, rustic porcelain wood tile in bedroom, rustic grey porcelain tile showers, etc. These are usually installed on thin plates to simplify installation. 


Through my introduction, you have a deeper understanding of porcelain tile, and you have know more about their performance, advantages and disadvantages. What kind of porcelain tile would you like to choose, enter our website can help you to find the answer.


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