When you buy a new scaffolding ladder what do you need to do? 


A thorough inspection must be made when the ladder is initially purchased and each time it is placed into service. Clean the climbing and gripping surfaces if they have been subjected to oil, grease or slippery materials. Working parts, bolts, rivets, step-to-side rail connections, and the condition of the anti-slip feet (safety shoes) shall be checked.


Ladder Features


There are many kinds of scaffolding ladder you can use for differet place, like wooden scaffolding ladders, folding scaffolding ladders, painting scaffolding ladders and more. And they have following features for your reference:


l A leveling system on some extension models allows you to adjust the ladder to accommodate uneven surfaces. Some ladders have a built-in bubble level to allow you to check the adjustments. You can also purchase levelers to attach to compatible ladders that don't have the built-in system.

l A stabilizer is an accessory that attaches to the top of an extension ladder. It extends the support points of the ladder outward and, depending on the size, can span across a window.

l Some extension ladders have feet with serrated edges you can drive into the ground for added stability.

l Carrying cases are available for telescoping ladders, providing protection and making them easier to transport.

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Find best suppliers, exporters from China and around the world. Sino-sources. com is a leading purchase platform in the world.
Not find your Product yet? you also try follow way. Post Buying Request Now

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