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100-400 mm double flange pneumatic butterfly valve

Payment Terms: TT or LC

Ref Price : 64-80 USD/PIECE

Supply Capability : 1000 PIECE

Loading Port : TianJin

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Quick Details

  • Model Number:
  • Application:
    for discharging powder
  • Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Pressure:
    Medium Pressure
  • Power:
  • Media:

100-400 mm double flange pneumatic butterfly valve


signal butterfaly valve 


manual type 

application :signal butterfly valve with Drive handle

we can supply :signal butterfly valve 

diameter  model 
100 BV1FS100SN/FE
150 BV1FS150SN/FE
200 BV1FS200SN/FE
250 BV1FS250SN/FE
300 BV1FS300SN/FE
350 BV1FS350SN/FE
400 BV1FS400SN/FE

double butterfly valve 

diameter  model 
100 BV2FS100SN/FE
150 BV2FS150SN/FE
200 BV2FS200SN/FE
250 BV2FS250SN/FE
300 BV2FS300SN/FE
350 BV2FS350SN/FE
400 BV2FS400SN/FE

100-400 mm double flange pneumatic butterfly valve

100-400 mm double flange pneumatic butterfly valve

Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer in China engaged in research, development and manufacture of industrial valves. The company was established in 2004 and located in the most dynamic Bohai economic circle of China. It is near from Beijing and next to the Tianjin Xingang port the largest port in north China. Along with the booming economy of Tianjin Binhai New Area, the rapid developed valves industry also shows thriving vitality!

Tianjin Tanggu Jinbin Valve Co., Ltd. covers an area of 24200 square meters, consisting of three workshops and a valve technology research and development center. Patented product is the enterprise's core competitiveness. "large-diameter flange butterfly valve, wafer butterfly valve, hard seal butterfly valve, rubber seat gate valve, carbon steel gate valve, check valve, globe valve, blind plate valve, vent valve, gas relief valve, vent ash ball valve, fire butterfly valve, fire gate valve, square gate, round gate, bellows, ball valve, strainer and others are our main products with our own brand "THT". They are widely used for water, sewage, electricity, metallurgy, oil, heating, construction, petrochemical and other industries. Currently, there are more than 150 staffs. The annual production has reached 300 thousand units. Jinbin valve has developed into the China's large-scale manufacturer and exporters. 

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