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Advantage of Aluminum and its alloy

For various reasons, aluminum and its alloys are today considered to be one of the most useful metals. Low cost, light weight and modern appearance are one of the main reason why it is widely used. It has no spark, electricity, heat conduction, no magnetism, reflection and chemical resistance. It is popular in the construction, Marine and aviation industries for easy to manufacture, non-toxic, strength, resistance to corrosive air from industrial and Marine environments. Anodic oxidation increases this corrosion resistance and also allows for rainbow finishes of different colors. Some alloys are slightly corrosive, so they can be coated with a thin layer of aluminum for added protection. 


Aluminum coils vs Copper coils, about one-third as dense as copper or steel, aluminum offers the advantages of malleability and ductility, ultimately allowing aluminum to be easily machined and cast into aluminum coils or sheeting. Add in its consistent strength, lightness, and value, and it becomes easy to understand why aluminum remains a popular metal, used to match any number of exact needs across a broad range of industries.




Aluminum coil is a very common material with many advantages. Aluminum alloy roll with good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength, used to make airplane oil tank, oil pipe, metal components of the transport vehicles, ships, instruments, lamps and lanterns, rivet, metal products, electrical accessories, etc.Aluminum coil is widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other fields.Aerospace aluminum alloy coils are used to make the airplane shell, fuselage, truss, rotor, propeller, fuel tank, wall plate, landing gear strut, rocket forging ring, spacecraft wallboard, etc.



How to choose aluminum coil

Before purchasing any aluminum trim coils, it is vital you understand the specific strains the material will face during use. Properties to pay attention to include:

Tensile Strength
Corrosion Resistance



Best Aluminum Coil Manufacturers And Suppliers on Sino-sources


Sino-Sources stocks a full range of aluminum coil and sheet in several alloys to service a multitude of industries. The non-heat treatable alloys of 1050 aluminum coils, 1100 aluminum coils, 3003 aluminum coils, and 5182 aluminum coils are all strengthened by various degrees of cold working, as denoted by the "H" tempers.


The heat treatable alloys of 2xxx aluminum coils, 6061 aluminum coils, and 7xxx aluminum coils are such that when subjected to thermal temperatures, they gain pronounced strengthening. Hence, tempers are indicated by "T". These alloys are also inventoried in clad form to increase corrosion resistance. All of the aluminum alloys are available in the annealed condition or commonly referred to as "O". Thicknesses from .012 through .190 are available for your immediate needs.


More than just offering special attention to quality and a superior record for on time delivery, as aluminum coil suppliers, All Foils remains committed to ensuring that the product you choose is engineered to match your exact needs and demands. And we also have service to let you know about how to clean aluminum coils or other information.

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Find best suppliers, exporters from China and around the world. Sino-sources. com is a leading purchase platform in the world.
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