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Hard aluminum as a kind of high strength, heat treatment can be improved, after annealing, quenching and thermal plasticity under medium, spot welding good weldability, with gas welding and argon arc welding aluminiumpipes have a tendency to form intergranular crack; The cutting performance of aluminum pipe is good after quenching and cold hardening. The corrosion resistance is not high, so anodic oxidation and painting or aluminum coating are often used to improve the corrosion resistance.It can also be used as mould material. Aluminum Pipe is available in alloys 6061-T6, 6063-T52 and 6101-T61. Aluminum pipe is lightweight and offers good corrosion resistance, making it popular for outdoor railings, shelving and framing. Aluminum Pipe is available in Schedule 80 or 40, the most popular, and may be extruded. Our Aluminum Pipe is unthreaded to allow for welded connections. 


Advantages of aluminum tube:

First, advantages of welding technology: thin wall copper and aluminum pipe welding technology suitable for industrial production, known as world class difficult problem, is the key technology of connecting pipe of air conditioner aluminium instead of copper.

Second, the advantage of service life: from the inside wall of aluminum pipe, based on the refrigerant does not contain moisture, the inside wall of copper and aluminum joint pipe will not corrode.

Third, energy-saving advantage: the connection line of indoor machine and outdoor machine of air conditioner, heat transfer efficiency is lower more energy-saving,or we can say it that heat insulation effect is better to save energy.

Fourth, good bending performance, easy to install and transfer


Aluminum Pipe Applications

Due to the diversity of its properties, extruded aluminum pipe is used in a variety of industries/markets.

· Transportation industry

· Marine industry

· Solar and renewable Energy

· Building and construction

· Machine Parts

· Military and Defense

· Electrical bus conductors

· Compressed gas storage

· Aerospace

· Structural components

· Frames

Aluminum Pipe Styles

Aluminum tube comes standard in a variety of styles and shapes. Mainly divided into the following types:

By shape: square pipe, round pipe, pattern pipe, shaped pipe, universal aluminum pipe.

By extrusion: seamless aluminum pipe and ordinary extrusion pipe

By precision: ordinary aluminum pipe and precision aluminum pipe, in which the precision aluminum pipe generally needs to be re-processed after extrusion, such as cold drawing and precision drawing, rolling.

By thickness: ordinary aluminum pipe and thin-walled aluminum pipe

By performance: corrosion resistant, light weight.



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