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What are carpet tiles? Carpet tile is shown as its name, carpet USES ceramic tile form, and not wide width cloth roll. Broadloom rollers usually require additional tools and professional installation, whereas floor tiles are the opposite.They are simple DIY tiles that can be installed in recorded time.Simply peel it off, glue it, tape it, or lock the tiles on the carpet.Carpet tiles are not new in commercial Spaces, but they are now entering residential areas.Why is that?Let's look at all the carpet tiles and find out why you should consider carpet tiles for your next floor project.

Well, carpet tiles have the same name. Carpet tiles are not wide, but flat.In addition, floor tiles usually have padding and padding, so you don't need to invest in any additional product installation.Simply peel and glue, tape, or lay down your carpet.

In fact, you can have your room completely covered with luxury carpets in a few hours. Very quickly, you're ready for your next carpet angel on a brand new carpet.




  • No Waste: Wide carpets are sold in rolls and must be cut to fit your space.Carpet tiles, you can get the right amount to suit your room without the extra carpet hanging in your garage forever.

  • Easy to Replace: Sometimes your carpet tile has broken or belfeckt. Rather than endure the stain or having to replace the entire carpet, remove the damaged carpet tiles and replace them with a new one.Simple pie.

  • Define Colors: Because carpet tile has all sorts of color, grain and design, get as creative as you want when it comes to carpeting your home.Carpet tiles are very popular to create custom area carpeting. And the suppliers have more modern carpet for you to choose.

  • Easy to Assemble: Carpet tiles are very easy to install.It's so simple, you can do it in a few hours!Since floor tiles usually have padding and (depending on the floor tile) adhesive included in the floor tile, no additional tools need to be installed.



One of the major advantages to carpet tiles is the fact that they are very easy to install. There are  three different ways for you to install your carpet tiles as following.

  • Glue-Free

There are many rubber-free carpet tiles to choose from. To install, simply buy double-sided carpet tape or pressure adhesive to get a more durable hold. If you use tape to protect tiles, you can create a custom area carpet. For a room with high-traffic, you’ll need a pressure-sensitive adhesive, or glue, to keep the tiles in place. The taping method, you can complete a room without glue within a recorded time.

  • Self-Adhesive

Self-adhesive (or peeling) carpet tiles are one of our most popular tiles. These carpet squares are the easiest to install. The adhesive has been applied to every tile, and all you have to do is pull the plastic back to expose it. Just put the peel and sticky floor tiles on the floor and press them down and stick them on the floor. Some adhesives leave residue on the floor, but some don't. However, there is a simple test method! Put if your hand is stuck, it will leave a residue but can be easily cleaned if needed.

  • Interlocking

Interlocking carpet tiles can be seen in two ways: like a giant jigsaw puzzle, or with plastic accessories bumping into each other on both sides. Blocks that are locked together using pieces like puzzle pieces are carefully arranged and linked together as if you were putting together as a puzzle. These things are very easy to put together, even a child can do it by himself! You can cut these tiles into a finished edge, or sometimes they come with a finished edge.


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