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Whether it's in a restaurant, cruise ship, casino, or hotel, carpet adds an often-overlooked elegance to the atmosphere. At Competitive Commercial Carpet, we offer durability plus style while boosting your business's curb appeal and overall ambiance.

A carpet for your hotel is underpinned by three key qualities - durability, longevity and style. Our hotel carpet is easy to maintain and perfect for high-traffic areas. We help you manage your professional environment with carpet that won't wear and tear as quickly as other flooring materials. We also offer a variety of styles and colors to fit any need.

Our wonderfully crafted hotel carpet is tufted to provide years of beauty and performance in your facility. Select from a wide range of guest room, corridor, and public space carpet that enhance and establish the tone of your property. Hotel carpet is available in a variety of patterns, colors and widths. We are here to help you choose the new carpet for your public space areas. If you’re looking for a corridor carpet, guest room carpet, hotel carpets, or more, we’ve got you covered.


Features and Benefits of our products and suppliers

1. Simple and graceful pattern design, makes your home and office neat and tidy
2. Can be combined any way you like, create a new visual experience
3. Easy to transport, manual handling available, no forklift needed

4. Annual production capablity reach, industry leader

5. Intergrating design,R&D,production,distribution and service,we offer one-stop services
6. Tripping prevention function, protect kids and elderly family members
7. Easy cleaning by vacuum cleaner

6. Keep cooperating with customers from EURO & USA markets stably

7. Strong finance,advanced technique,scientific management,effieient operation,sincere attitude,careful after-sale service



How to Choose color and pattern for hotel?


Colors and patterns are available on all kinds of carpets, regardless of their structure, fiber or type. There are enough colors and patterns to suit any hotel decoration. Light colors can make a hotel room look bigger than it really is, like red carpet hotel, but dust and stains can easily appear. Medium colors can cover dirt and stains, they are ideal for areas near the entrance of a building. If the color is not carefully chosen, it may make the room look outdated because they are not common and hide dirt and debris also. Patterns are a good choice for a hotel room suitable for families, especial for children, like a magic carpet hotel, they range from geometry to flowers which kids like them. With this information, the buyer will be able to determine the best carpet and project budget for the hotel room.


The carpet products from Sinosources trade platform are major items, refer to many kinds of series such as Hotel Carpet, Office Carpet, Carpet Tile, Mosque Carpet, Shaggy Plain Carpet and Shaggy Gradient Color Carpet. Sincerely we hope that the customers from worldwide could get good service from us after you source from Sinosources.

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Find best suppliers, exporters from China and around the world. Sino-sources. com is a leading purchase platform in the world.
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