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SinoSources a Leading Steel Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in China.

We have been in the steel industry for a long time and have been able to provide steel products that best suit our clients needs in terms of the quality, quantity and the kind of model needed.Our Steel Manufacturers in the platform have a variety of steel products;

Hot Rolled Steel Products and Cold Rolled Steel Products 

The reason why our hot rolled steel products and cold rolled steel products stand out from the rest is in the processing. Being in the steel Industry for a long period of time, our Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers have been able to conduct thorough research and development on both the kind of raw materials used and the manufacturing processes therefore the end products has all the features and standards as per the requirements of our clients. The state of art manufacturing companies are also required to produce their Standard Certifications which in the long run has reduced sub standard goods into our platform.

What is the major difference between Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel?

The major difference between these two is with the manner of processing and not the specification of the product.

Hot Rolled Steel
This is basically a milling process, involving rolling the steel in a temperature (within 1700° F), that can be above the steel's recrystallization temperature. At this temperature, the steel can be shaped into different shapes and sizes with limited flaws. After final cooling off, the product has very less dimensional changes as compared and so cheaper than cold rolled.

Some of the uses of hot rolled steel include;hot rolled steel bars, used in railroad tracks and hot rolled steel wire. Where there is nno need for accurate shapes and tolerance not required, hot rolled steel is always required.

Cold Rolled Steel
Cold rolled steel is actually a further processed hot rolled steel.This procedure may produce steel using closer dimensional tolerances and also a broader array of surface finishes. Cold rolled Steel basically denotes flat rolled sheet and coil products. Cold rolling often composes cold drawing and bending, grinding and polishing. The finished products of cold rolled procedure are often of higher aesthetic value and have these major benefits;

  • Advances the yield and tensile strengths eliminating further high priced thermal treatments.

  • Grinding narrows the size for further reshaping.

  • High endurance,concentricity, and straightness of the finished products.Therefore more durable.

  • Reduces the imperfections of the finished steel product.

Mostly utilized for improving tolerance, straightness and concentricity of the steel product.

The Steel products from steel manufacturers and Suppliers in SinoSources

Our steel pipe manufacturing process is well designed and cordinated to ensure we produce both hot and cold rolled steel products. SinoSources high quality steel products include;mild steel angle bar, seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipes, galvanized steel sheet, steel flat bar, galvanized steel coil, corrugated steel roofing sheet and many more other stainless steel products.

We offer the most convenient and reliable platform for our global customers who can be able to order and have their goods delivered to any part of the world. Our quality products are as a result of well picked and selected raw materials.

Find best suppliers, manufacturers, exporters from China and around the world. sinosources.com is a leading purchase platform in the world.
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